Shops in Ukraine violate the conditions of storage products: how to protect your health

In Kiev has already recorded four cases of infection with botulism. Hlushchenko Kiev Oleg Ruban urged citizens not to use fish bought on the past two week, to avoid dangerous diseases.

At the same time, in connection with the arrival of summer, experts strongly recommend be treated with caution, not only to fish but also to perishable products: meat, confectionery products, dairy products, salad dressings and more, writes UBR.

First and foremost, buyers should pay attention to the date of manufacture and shelf life of the product.

“In most cases of poisoning involve a violation of the conditions of storage or use of expired products. The buyer should pay attention in what conditions the stored products and to abandon purchases in unauthorized places. If meat, fish, milk sold in the summer without a refrigerator better from such a purchase also to refrain” — advises the head of testing, “research center of independent consumer expertise TEST” Nina Kilda.

You should be careful when buying alcohol. For example, recently in Kharkov massively poisoned with methyl alcohol, more than 100 people. “Product was marketed through the Internet. Now the business is growing,” — says Oleg Ruban.

In the summer after the second fish on the list of most dangerous mushrooms. Moreover, the wash does not help. The infection can hide in the rough structure of the mushroom so that the spores fall in conservation. According to an infectious disease doctor Olga Golubovska, to minimize the risk, they should boil for at least 10 minutes. Also, the doctor says, you must be careful with the use of canned foods, the surge of poisoning which occurs in winter.

Experts say that externally, to identify infected or damaged goods is sometimes difficult. If you have already purchased the item and there is any doubt about its quality — from eating better to refuse and return the goods to the store.

You need to take into account the fact that, for example, botulism does not affect the taste of infected food, causing fever, nausea and other symptoms of poisoning. But at the same time, this disease requires a fast, emergency hospitalization, doctors say.

“The toxin enters the body in very small quantities, and therefore the signs of the disease are different, and to go to the doctor is needed already with the appearance of weakness and sickness after eating,” says Olga Golubovska.

Responsibility for the implementation of the goods of inadequate quality shall be as a manufacturer and sales network. During disassembly you should consider that it is necessary to keep all checks and statements from hospitals, then seek the truth will be much easier.

So, from the manufacturer can go adulterated products, adding substitutes. In the store you are unlikely to replace, for example, meat to soy or milk fat in vegetable and dye in closed bag do not add.

In Microbiology of disability are quite common, even though they are not so dangerous for health.

“Here is the 50/50 responsibility – in addition to compliance with the sanitary requirements for the production, manufacturing technology, it is very important and how properly shopping network stores the products it sells. Should carefully watch what the temperature is in-store refrigerators,” says Kilda.

According to Oleg Ruban, non-observance of temperature regime at storage products is one of the main violations in the stores. So, the product should be stored at no higher than 6-8 degrees. The implementation period of the salads – no more than 12 hours.

Will not go away and the sellers desire to sell “live out” their product with all sorts of promotions and discounts. “It puts consumers at risk of poisoning. And in the summer, when the temperature is 25-30 degrees and above, in contact with the pathogen of any infection in the product in an hour it develops a critical mass of infected, which will cause acute intestinal poisoning,” — said Ruban.

Rapid deterioration of the products most prone to natural markets and fairs, where goods are often stored without refrigeration. As in stores, and at authorized points of sale, should be on duty health officer, who can be contacted in case of doubts about the quality of a product. In the spontaneous markets, such not to find.

Now doubly worth it to be careful with food on street stalls because after the news about the botulism, all the fish “moved” in spontaneous trade.

As Ukrainians buy goods in online stores after blocking packages
“We conduct raids in conjunction with police to identify such points. Spontaneous trade — this parish officers. We are also involved in the control of official places of sale of food products” — summed Ruban.