Turchinov and the German Ambassador Reichel talked about hybrid warfare and aggression of the Russian Federation

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov has discussed with the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel, the situation in Ukraine and Russia’s aggressive actions. This reports the press service of the NSDC.

“During the meeting the interlocutors discussed the current situation in Ukraine and methods of hybrid war that Russia is waging against our country and Europe. Special attention was paid to discussion of the geopolitical situation that has developed as a result of aggressive actions of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the message.

Turchynov noted that Germany is a strategic partner of Ukraine, and thanked the country’s leadership for their consistent support and efforts for the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass.

During the discussion of the current situation in Ukraine, the NSDC Secretary noted that the issue of resumption of the defense potential of Ukraine is a priority for the government.

“We have done a lot in this direction, but this issue could be solved a lot faster if it were not for the blocking of military-technical cooperation with our partners,” he said.

In turn Reichel noted that Germany’s position on sanctions against Russia unchanged – “there can be no question of their mitigation or cancellation, because Russia does not comply with the Minsk agreement”.

“Ukraine can continue to count on our support” – said the Ambassador.

We will remind, the United States Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch considers that the so-called “hybrid war” of the Russian Federation against Ukraine began even before the emergence of the term.

“I’m going to say is rude, but for 25 years after Ukraine gained independence, your country is in terms of a hybrid war with Russia”, – said the Ambassador.

Among the tools that were used by Russia, she noted, in particular, propaganda.