Seasonal work: how and how much can you earn abroad in the summer

In the summer you can earn in agriculture or in the tourist industry. In Western and Northern Europe, the work connected with the harvesting in the South and in the Eastern countries are looking for waiters and workers in hotels. Where and how you can work summer abroad, I learned the website “Today”.

How much to pay in Europe

To work in the EU need to obtain a work visa. For example, to work in Poland must obtain a work visa national D 05. It can be done at the Consulate by submitting the invitation of the employer.

Earn in Poland on berries. Salary starts from 20 to 23-to 29-year thousand hryvnia, and the employers provide accommodation, but the food often at their own expense. In addition to working visa requirements there.

Germany. Students with knowledge of the German language at a basic level, can find a job as a waiter with a salary of 35 thousand hryvnia or 8.5 euros per hour. There is also a working chef with a salary of 1300 euros per month with accommodation and meals. Assistants cooks are paid 900 euros.

In Sweden the berries are paying for quantity of the harvested crop. Per month salary goes to 60 thousand hryvnias. Worker-farmer, promise to pay 63-70 thousand.

Collect berries in Europe can earn up to 70 thousand hryvnia per month. Photo:

In Bulgaria looking for waiters and chefs salary 12 to 20 thousand hryvnia. Job offer at the black sea resorts, to work as a waiter need to know English. The employer provides food and accommodation.

In Greece looking for Russian speaking animators salary is 500-700 euros, chefs in hotels – from 1000 euros to waiters and maids pay 700 euros.

In Finland mainly needed laborers for the gathering of forest berries and mushrooms. In the country pay 24 thousand hryvnia per month depending on production. However, work can be irregular and need to pay for housing. In the collection of strawberries and raspberries pay two euros per kilogram. A laborer on the farm promised a salary of 50 thousand hryvnias.

How much can you earn in warm countries

UAE waiters earn 15-35 thousand hryvnia, Barista – 22 thousand UAH, an administrator in the fitness club and rescue – 30 thousand hryvnia. In the ads, the employer promises to pay employee flights from Ukraine to UAE and provides free food and housing. However, workers may be six or seven days a week.

In Turkey is looking for animators salary 14-15 thousand hryvnia, dancers – 20-30 thousand hryvnia. There are vacancies cooks on a bet 30 thousand hryvnia, the waiter is from 14 to 25 thousand hryvnia, the maid at the hotel earns an average of 16 thousand hryvnias.

In the southern countries required waiters and cooks. Photo:

In Israel seasonal jobs less. Mainly need builders salary is 50-55 thousand hryvnia, the workers in the factories for 37-40 thousand. However, there is a vacancy for a cook on a salary of 45 thousand hryvnia per month.

In Egypt looking for animators salary from 8 to 20 thousand hryvnia, and in Tunis – English speaking tour guides for $ 400.

How much to pay in North America

In the United States for seasonal work are looking for waiters and maids in hotels at a salary of 12 thousand dollars a year, workers on the farm promise 2800 dollars a month, the lifeguard on the beach – 3500. In Canada, working on the farm offered $ 2800-2900 a month, the waiters – 1000.

“Seasonal work in Poland is 20 thousand UAH, in Germany – 35 to 50 thousand hryvnia, in Israel – 40-60 thousand. In the United States and Canada – under 100 thousand hryvnia. Have a job and resorts, and farms, and picking berries, and fishing. A lot of work and the closer to July, the more vacancies, because July-August is the peak season,” – said HR-expert website for job search Tatyana Pashkina.

How not to fall for scams

The Chairman of the trade Union of workers “Labor solidarity” Vitaly mahinko says: the most frequent violations against migrant workers – informal design work and nonpayment of wages.

“Intermediary promises the formalization and legitimacy. This is manipulated and the bulk of the workers not to draw up an employment contract and a civil law agreement. According to the agreement, people working legally, but are not employees of the company and provide services. Their work is not regulated by labour legislation. Man can’t defend himself in violation of the rights,” says Mahinko.

According to him, Ukrainian law does not protect migrant workers. Moreover, Ukrainians have nowhere to turn.

“95-97% of the workers in Poland have no possibility to defend their rights. There are theoretically right, but in practice people are deprived of this opportunity. Half are working illegally. The second half is under civil law contracts. According to the agreement you not employee of the company, and temporarily provide services”, – adds Mahinko.

In order to obtain legal work, experts advise to check the license of the intermediary company on the website of the Ministry of social policy and carefully read all the terms of the employment contract.

The International organization for migration note: in recent years, cases of trafficking, and the Ukrainians themselves are ready to give to the employer all documents.

“21% of potential labour migrants would agree to illegally cross the state border to work indoors or to give the passport to the employer is the reasons to hit people in the labor slavery,” – commented the press Secretary of the representative office of the International organization for migration in Ukraine Varvara zhluktenko.