The best the Germans is Russian

After the elections to the Bundestag there is great excitement, as big as after the Turkish referendum. Turns out that most of the German voters of a certain migrant background obviously does not like liberal democracy and would vote for ADH. The excitement will be even stronger due to the fact that we are talking about the largest group of immigrants with the right to vote and their votes will obviously have an impact on the election results.

According to the Federal Agency for civic education (BPB), former citizens of the Soviet Union and their children born in Germany, amount to at least 3% of the country’s voters. In a state election in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-württemberg, where especially a lot of former Soviet citizens, ADH has received record results, sometimes reaching 40%. No one can predict how many votes those voters ADH will receive in the elections to the Bundestag. There will be many, because according to how it looks today, ADG is the only party that is interested in them. Even if these voters wanted something else.

Here it is almost incognito

School of music Weltmusik, Klezmer und Ästhetik Akademie e. V. located in unattractive residential building of the district Cologne-Innenstadt, there are musical works, sound Jewish and Russian songs. The entrance is not easy to find, it is necessary to cross the yard. High neatly combed man in a white shirt helplessly looks around and finally asks where is the room of ADH. He, in fact, looking for a place where the discussion on “the Future of Germany after the elections to the Bundestag”.

A discussion with the electorate on this subject in the premises of the music school to want to hold on the Russian language the representatives of political parties. Here the word “want” — obviously not the right way. CDU is not represented, the Free democratic party and the Left also have their representatives. Invitation of the organizer, Association of Russian-speaking parents in the country (BVRE), as told by Board member Victor Ostrovsky, often remain unanswered. So this Sunday in a large room of the music school a week before the election in North Rhine-Westphalia sit about 40 people. Among them, communal politician of the Social democratic party of Germany from Berlin Qurban Alakbarov, a veteran of the Cologne Green Diane Siebert (Siebert Diana) and two activists of ADG North Rhine-Westphalia.

One of them — Evgeny Schmidt, who runs the Internet portal “Russian Germans for ADH” and ADH list of candidates for election to the Bundestag occupies 17-e a place. Probably, this IT specialist (41) is now the most famous politician in Germany of Russian origin. Here there is also the MP of the state Parliament Ingrid Haqq (Ingrid Hack). It’s her constituency. Her face is familiar on election posters they hung in front of the door. But here she was practically incognito, she doesn’t speak Russian, she doesn’t want to speak, although all participants speak German, she doesn’t want to participate, even if one of their local employees to translate.

We want politicians to be interested in us

A social Democrat from Berlin Alakbarov for starters apologized for not versed in the issues related to North Rhine-Westphalia, and then the conversation takes a candidate from ADH Eugene Schmidt. His party stands for the values with which the former Soviet people come out of their republics, that is, the patriotism and the traditional family. Now these values are threatened by multiculturalism and the teaching of sexology. Blame Merkel and the Grand coalition. We want to preserve Germany as we have seen before, when I came here. People’s lives are in danger due to high crime, uncontrolled migration and open borders. The second representative of ADG Otto Feist (Feist Otto) adds: in the Soviet Union the Germans have suffered a lot. So they were forced to go to Germany, but Germany was not what they had imagined. There’s no more Germans. And very soon, in ten years, if things continue in the same way there will be no more German cities and Christians in Europe. And in General it is unfair that these so-called refugees can now easily come and stay here, and we — the Russian Germans — always have to wait for permission.

The Embassy can do little, not only because that among employees there are a few Jews and three Azerbaijani Germans who call themselves secular Muslims. Some say: you are a xenophobic party, and we came as foreigners. Others say, you are against democracy and diversity, and we’re here because we like it.

We are not interested in gay marriage, they say almost in unison, and aren’t real problems? We want politicians to be interested in us. But they are here quite a bit, and so the conversation keeps coming back to the teaching of sexology and its direct consequence — the degeneration of the German nation because of gay marriage. According to Eugene Schmidt, the fact that it is in this context mentioned the name of the primary candidate ADH Alice Vidal has nothing to do with the fact that she is a mother living in a same-sex marriage. To blame only journalists, who for some reason took a dislike to ADH and therefore interfere in the sexual life of the ADH policy.

Predictable outrage

After two weeks in Bernau near Berlin repeated similar scenes. This time came the representative of ADG from Hanover, his name is Sergei Chernov. Unlike his party members Schmidt, he’s an immigrant, he came to Germany as a Jewish refugee. And he regrets that in Germany, there are Jewish organizations that would like to cooperate with ADH. He also always wants to talk about gay marriage and the teaching of sexology, but it turns out he is not so good. Chernoff have a great propensity for conspiracy theories, but his opponent was too strong. This is a Berlin lawyer and experienced politician of the Green party Sergey Lagodinsky. Therefore, talking about education, pensions, health insurance and defense, not only of the limited liability company, called the Federal Republic of Germany. Not help and shots of heavy artillery. When Chernov says that the ADG supports the policy of Russia in Ukraine, where the Nazis seized power, he opposes the person from the audience: I agree with you about Ukraine, but what is the situation of education in Germany?

© AP Photo, Jens Euaggelistria of the party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) in the city of Erfurt

It is well known that immigrants from the Soviet Union has long been voted mainly for the CDU, because he had conservative views and were grateful to the Kohl government for the so-called “return” to their homeland. But the Kohl government has forgotten, the party is now insufficiently conservative, and that the mythology of “the return” is one of the reasons that numerous of the Association of displaced persons, relatives of the CDU, does not appeal to Russian-speaking voters. Political work in the Russian language is the recognition that immigrants from the USSR are more Russian than Germans, or at least that the justification of their resettlement is rather ethnic, not cultural in nature. But it is the moderate conservatives did not want to admit. Solid supporters of this line there is no such problem, and in the face of ADH, which readily speaks to his constituents in their native language, they find their own political party. CDU just forgot their Russian-speaking voters. The interpretation of the conservative agenda requires the appearance of ADH. And the protection of fundamental democratic values take on Green and social Democrats. But only ADH conducts a systematic work in Russian. It is well presented in social networks, notably myspace and Facebook, which in Germany have hundreds of thousands of users. At ADG have a Russian-speaking sites and Russian translation of the big party program, ADH constantly attracts new members and receive strong support in the face of Russian television, which for many migrants, especially the elderly, is the most important source of information.

The only force in Germany that has consistently opposed to populists were fully intercepted by the political influence of immigrants, is, apparently, the Association of Russian-speaking parents in Germany. However, this power — even with the support of the Federal Agency for civic education — not so influential. If the democratic party will continue to ignore Russian-speaking voters, the populist will strengthen its position. Currently, the interest of ADG to the local people perceived the openness and willingness of the party to raise specific questions are their most powerful argument. After the elections in the Bundestag of ADH can become “traditional Russian party”, as it once happened with the CDU. Then all the Democrats, from right to left, indignant appearance of the shadow societies, migrants lack understanding of democracy and the influence on them of the Kremlin. Note, however, that the Democrats left to their fate of Russian-speaking activists who advocate for democratic values, that is, for German policy.