A lifetime of “Khrushchev” ends in 2017: where can I demolish the building and what to do next

This year in Ukraine ends the service life built in 1957 Khrushchev. After living in this house, experts say, is unsafe. The five-story buildings need either major repair (to insulate and strengthen the walls, change all communications) or to demolish. In Ukraine for more than ten years, the law under which investors need to renovate entire blocks of old houses demolished and in their place build a new one. However, major reconstruction could not take place. Moreover, in some areas it’s impossible.

An investor can make money only in case if in place of the five story building to build a nine – house of the apartments to give the residents of the destroyed “Khrushchev”, and the second part is to sell. However, in some areas there are restrictions on the number of storeys. In addition, according to the law, only after the consent of all tenants can be decided on reconstruction. The website “Today” found that waiting for the occupants of the outdated five-story building in Ukraine.

Time to endure

Initially, Khrushchev was built as temporary housing. It was assumed that after 25 years the building will be demolished, and in their place will ProStreet new buildings. “Khrushchev,” was considered “social housing,” apartments a small area, low thermal and acoustic insulation distributed free of charge. The first such house was built in 1957, the last series was released in 1985.

Gradually, the exploitation period was extended from 25 to 60 years. The building, which was built in the first place, it’s time to demolish this year. And if the house was never repaired, he had to go for demolition ten years ago.

“80% of apartment buildings built before the 80-year. Periodically it was necessary to carry out the repair of communications, roofs, elevators and so on. But in Ukraine such repairs is almost non-existent…no One said anything about repairs. And now we are in a situation when everything is built has been able to overdue repairs,” – says the expert of the Institute of social and economic research, Vsevolod Nikolaev.

“Nobody said anything about repairs. And now we are in a situation when everything is built has been able to overdue repairs,” says Vsevolod Nikolaev.

In the capital more than three thousand outdated five-story building, in which live more than two million families. Such houses lose up to 50% of the heat, so the amount in the payment can be several times higher than in new or tablemodellistener homes. In addition, if the internal communication in the home is worn, most likely in the basement will be damp all year round. Experts say that in such a situation there construction a fungus that poisons the occupants of the first three floors.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association asset protection Alexander Situo sure: the situation in the housing stock will worsen in 2020. According to the expert, there is a strong possibility “of the appearance of slum areas, which consist of abandoned housing, where people live with low income.” In fact, the Ukrainians living in the old “Khrushchev”, you risk to remain without shelter in 10 years.

As specified in the Ministry of regional development, specifications, production and capital repairs – the problem is the residents themselves. After the privatization of more than 97% of apartments were in private ownership Ukrainians. Therefore the answer for home have their own. Moreover, even if the house was in disrepair, the state is not obliged to resettle the residents.

Back in 2006, and Ukraine has adopted the law “On comprehensive reconstruction of residential areas”. After that the Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of areas across the country that should be condemned. Just over five million square feet of living space.

In the capital had planned to demolish the “Khrushchev” and build in their place new homes in 11 neighborhoods. According to the document, the total area that should be demolished in the capital reaches more than a million square meters. For example, in Solomenskiy district planned to reconstruct the block, bounded by streets Gursoy, Fuchika and Vozduhoflotsky Prospekt. The reconstruction project has developed a “Teplobud”, and money found in the US – the company “Global Technology Project” has agreed to invest $ 140 million. Estimates of the founder “, Teplobud” Vyacheslav Piontkovskogo, this investment could bring at that time about 200 million dollars in profit at the moment – about 50 million.

The idea of such investment is very simple. The developer is the demolition of “Khrushchev” and in their place builds a bigger house. The owners of apartments in the old house are guaranteed to get a flat in the new building and the remaining square meters, the investor sells at market prices.
While the law States that the new apartment should be 50% larger than the old. If in “Khrushchev” was the apartment with area of 50 squares in the building to 75 square meters. “We planned to take the apartment so that it was possible to move furniture and live. Apartment renovated, bathroom fixtures, and even Wallpaper!”, – says Vyacheslav Piontkovsky.

“We planned to take the apartment so that it was possible to move furniture and live. Apartment renovated, bathroom fixtures, and even Wallpaper!”, – says Vyacheslav Piontkovsky.

However, despite the existing law, the project of reconstruction can not exercise for more than 10 years. A few years had to wait until the KSCA will develop a standard contract, then – until he was sent to the Cabinet, and now – I will create a working group and conduct among developers contest.

At the same time at KCSA say that the reconstruction of outdated residential blocks – one of the key activities of local government. Last year at the mayor’s office there was a message on the site within the streets milyutenko, Sholem Aleichem, and Bratislava Forest Avenue demolish old building and build in their place housing complex.”For resettlement of residents will build the start of a housing-public complex of 282 apartments for free from the capital development area and block trading-household purpose with a multi-level Parking”, – stated in the message.

What else is there

To modernize your home. The approximate cost of the full thermo Khrushchev (e.g., 4 entrance, 5 floors, 100 apartments) reaches more than 13 million UAH (taking into account the modernization of engineering systems, replacement of pipes, etc.). If we are talking only about thermal insulation of walls, ceilings, replacement of Windows at entrances, installing, ETC, the cost can be four to five million. Complete modernization can extend the life of the house for 10-15 years.

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It is worth noting: during the overhaul of the tenants must be otsenivat. If the reconstruction with the demolition in the first place build a “starter home” on a free site and there Lodge tenants “Khrushchev”, which will be demolished in the first place, during a major overhaul to look for temporary housing of the owners have their own.

Another problem – funding. Energy service companies in modernization of residential houses, the funds currently do not invest because of low profitability. In some cities, including Kiev, are co-financing program. For example, 70% of the work the city pays, and 30% of residents in the credit score.

To sell the apartment in “Khrushchev”. Alexander Stiho notes: before you change the housing, it is necessary to weigh all “for” and “against” – location, its technical condition, transportation and so on.

“New buildings in many cases do not meet the criteria and their lifetime is difficult to predict. For example, energy efficiency is only one new building in the capital standards. Ironically, the popularity as an investment destination, as before enjoy accommodation of the Stalinist period. It is home to a small number of apartments. They are not equipped with elevators, operating costs are not as high as in prefabricated high-rise buildings”, – says Alexander Situo.

By the way, at the moment, Khrushchev is planning to demolish in the capital of Russia. Muscovites to this decision reacted ambiguously. Citizens have held several protests against the renovation program. The new program needs to raise nearly two million families.