Five nutrition myths that destroy health: the response of a nutritionist

That food must be healthy and harmless. But even among adherents of proper nutrition there are misconceptions.

British nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert called the five myths of healthy eating, which destroy health, reports “New time”.

1. Eat eggs – bad

Many people minimize the use of eggs, and some even abandon them, due to the fact that they contain cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. In fact, eggs increase glicoproteins high – density “good”cholesterol.

His main role is to transport excess “bad” cholesterol for processing in the liver. According to nutritionist, eggs to drink useful and necessary, because they contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins and unique antioxidants. Lambert recommends to use up to three eggs per day.

2. Fatty foods is the cause of excess weight

Back in the 1970s has spread the myth that fatty foods contribute to weight gain. Thus year after year in the supermarket to receive fat free foods. Over time this myth is debunked, but many still not in a hurry to abandon the low-fat products.

According to experts, these foods contain a lot of sugar and other artificial sweeteners that are not useful. In fact, fats are needed to protect internal organs from damage and normal functioning of the body. Therefore, the nutritionist advises to eat more oily fish, nuts, avocado and fatty yogurt.

3. Vegetable oil – useful

It tells the dietitian, many people believe that vegetable oil is not only useful, but also reduces the risk of heart disease because of the content of fatty acids. But it is important to remember that not all acids are the same. Generally there are omega-3 and omega-6, which vary in their properties. Omega-3 are contained in large amounts in oily fish and are struggling with inflammation and many diseases. As for omega-6, an overabundance of them leads to the opposite effect. Therefore, the nutritionist advises to revise the diet in the direction of food with a high content of omega – 3.

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4. Meat is harmful

Rhiannon Lambert argues that many refuse meat, especially red because it adversely affects the health and figure. Such negative consequences do occur, but the reason for this be semi-finished products and inorganic meat. If properly cook the meat and eat it in moderation, the product will only benefit. It contains protein, essential trace elements, vitamins and minerals not found in other products.

5. All calories are equal

According to the expert, she often meets people who believe that weight loss is only need to count calories. Lambert did not agree with this opinion, because what people eat is more important than quantity of consumed calories. Each product has a different effect on the body, because it contains a unique set of nutrients and vitamins. In the quest to lose weight, the nutritionist advises to build a diet around foods with a low glycemic index because they contain fiber and protein, which are digested more slowly, thanks. “You can eat boiled potatoes and donuts at 400 calories. The figure is the same, but the effect on the body diametrically opposite,” – said Lambert.