As Russia seized Crimea: the Ministry of justice has created a timeline of the annexation

The Ministry of justice of Ukraine has made the chronology of the seizure of Crimea by the Russian Federation on the dates and at the locations as it occurred. This was stated by the head of the Ministry Pavel Petrenko.

“It was a planned military operation, which was planned to open in 2014-m to year. I think secretly this operation for the seizure of Crimea and Ukraine, planned for decades in the walls of the FSB and other offices in the Russian Federation”, – he said.

According to the Minister, the operation of the occupation of the Peninsula can be divided into two parts.
The first is the blocking of transport communications. “Russian troops have blocked the port of Feodosiya on 27 February 2014, the airports of Simferopol and Belbek, SE “Kyiv” 28-th day of the crossing “Crimea – Caucasus” in the city of Kerch on March 2, Sevastopol Streletskaya Bay, the outer Harbor, a military naval base “Sevastopol” on March 3, exit from the lake Donuzlav 6 March. 27 February there was the blocking of the Crimean isthmus by blocking traffic police posts, Chongar, Nodding and Perekop. Installed temporary roadblocks of the so-called “samooboronovets” all of these topkah. Actually that was all done by regular troops and soldiers of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation”, – said Petrenko.

The second block of this RAID – the blocking of military objects. “Blocking and seizure by Russian troops of Ukrainian facilities in Crimea began virtually from the 20th of February. 21-22 February on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol took place the movement of more than 30 units of armored vehicles of the Russian Federation. February 25, the first attempt of block Ukrainian military ships – ship “Slavutich” and other units of the black sea fleet of Ukraine. On 27-28 February is already started, open the active blocking military units of VSU, the kidnapping of military and actually capture them in captivity. Direct capture of military units, when they do not even hide their insignia, began on March 19, 2014 year”, – said the head of the Ministry of justice.

He also said that through the testimony of witnesses was drawn up a specific list of Russian officials who coordinated the capture of the Crimea, ruled by this operation, had their role in this operation.

Among them, the General of the army Sergei Shoigu – Russian defense Minister, Deputy defense Minister Pankov and Bulgakov, army General Gerasimov, chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, first Deputy Minister of defense, Vice-Admiral of the Russian Federation Fedotenkov, Deputy commander of the military sea fleet of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Turchenyuk, the Deputy commander of the southern military district, Admiral Vitko – commander of black sea fleet, major-General Ostrikov – chief of coastal armies of the black sea fleet.

“The leadership of all events that took place directly on the territory of Crimea, including the Pro-Russian organizations – the so-called Cossacks and samooboronovtsami had antjufeev, former Minister of security of the “Transnistrian Republic”, and in the summer of 2014 he received the status of “Vice-Premier DND on issues of national security,” the Minister concluded.

We will remind, recently at the summit “the Big seven” G7 leaders said they would not recognize and will not recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia.