Putin once again stood up for Russian hackers: “they are free people, as artists”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the hackers “people are free, as artists”, and “anywhere to get out.” He said this at a meeting with heads of foreign news agencies.

“Hackers can where and anywhere to get out of any country in the world. This, of course, the General background of the interstate relations matters and in this case, because the hackers are free people, as artists: they have a good mood, they got up in the morning and paint a picture. Also hackers: they woke up today, I read that there is something going on in international relations, if they are Patriotic, they begin to contribute as they think proper in the fight against those who speak badly about Russia. It is theoretically possible,” – said Putin.

“But at the state level we have never done it, that’s the most important, that’s the main thing”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

While Putin considers that someone specially makes the source of this attack is to represent the territory of the Russian Federation, and modern technologies allow to do it.

At the same time the Russian President is convinced that no hackers can not “dramatically” affect the result of elections in any country.

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has declared in interview to the newspaper Le Figaro that hackers from Russia don’t interfere in the election campaign in the West.