How to stop aging: TOP 7 products that make older

Time inevitably brings about changes in our life or leaves it unchanged appearance. To slow down the aging process, you must revise your diet and get rid of incorrect products, reports “New time”.

Dentists, dermatologists and nutritionists have found out what foods make people older than they can be replaced.

1. White wine.

Nothing ages a man like yellowed, covered with stained teeth. And the main culprit of these unpleasant transformations is alcohol.

“Alcohol dries the mouth decreasing saliva production, which washes harmful bacteria leading to tooth decay and yellowing,” says American dentist Brian Kantor. Many people mistakenly believe that red wine stains your teeth more, as a rule, white wine is more acidic than red wine, and therefore can cause more damage the teeth.

“The acid in white wine makes tooth enamel more loose and leads to a deterioration of the oral cavity,” explains the expert.

If you brush your teeth immediately after a glass of white wine you can’t, Cantor advises vigorously rinse your mouth with water to wash away sugar and acid.

2. Yogurt.

Undoubtedly, natural yogurt is very healthy, contains calcium for strong bones, protein and vitamin D. But manufacturers often add in the yogurt too much sugar. Large amounts of sugar, in turn, ages the skin.

“Consumption of large amounts of sugar interfere with the production of collagen,” says Bruce Robinson, MD, a dermatologist.

Instead of sweetened yogurt diet choose a simple, unsweetened natural yogurt and eat it with fresh fruit.

3. Dried fruits.

They are considered a real storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients. But there are also disadvantages. Some fruits contain a lot of sugar and stick to teeth, causing plaque and tooth decay, says Brian Cantor.

Moreover, dried fruits contain sulfites, which increases the number of free radicals, inhibiting the production of collagen, says Bruce Robinson.

Stop your choice on fresh fruit. But if you like dried apricots or dates, try immediately after a meal to brush your teeth or chew sugar-free gum.

4. Lemonade.

Useful for health and immune system lemon juice is having a devastating effect on tooth enamel. And drink lemonade is doubly risky, because it still contains sugar, which spoils the teeth and the skin. Is lemonade better drink pure water with fresh fruit.

5. Margarine.

It contains many TRANS fats that promote free radicals in the body. Free radicals that in turn damage cells, disrupt the normal biochemical processes that lead to premature aging and various diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and many others.

Is margarine better to use vegetable oil, the expert recommends the American Academy of nutrition and dietetics Toby Smithson.

6. Bacon.

Salted meat products such as bacon, prosciutto and salami, contain sulfites, can impair collagen production and have a negative effect on the skin. Also, these products lead to dehydration, which accelerates the aging process. If you want to eat a slice of bacon, parallel to drink plenty of water and apply a moisturizing cream, says dermatologist Bruce Robinson.

7. Coffee.

It acts on the tooth enamel destructive: stains your teeth yellow, and if you add to the drink sugar, it causes tooth decay. Specialist American dental Association Kim harms suggests drinking coffee in moderation, not several cups throughout the day.

The expert also recommends that you follow the simple rules of care for the oral cavity: brush teeth with fluoride toothpaste, to floss two times a year to visit the dentist.