Four senators who will be on watch during the investigation of trump’s ties with Russia

Washington Is the four senators, did not like each other. We are talking about the leading Republican centrists of the house of representatives; the pastor, referring to public service as his vocation; about experienced specialist in the field of transactions and know about the high reputable candidate.

These Republican senators — Susan Collins (Susan Collins) from Maine, James Lankford (James Lankford) from the state of Oklahoma, Roy blunt (Roy Blunt) from Missouri and Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) from Florida. They act as a unit, which is an integral part of the investigation conducted by the Senate Committee on the case of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016.

According to General opinion, this investigation is the main result — with the necessary powers and most likely to produce results, trustworthy. These four senators come to the fore as a key group that can achieve results.

Despite initial skepticism about responsible investigation by the Republican-led Committee that these four senators made clear that they are determined to bring the case to the end and come to a conclusion that would suit the public and their colleagues from both parties. To achieve their goal, they will have a hard time studying thousands of pages of raw intelligence available to the CIA, and spend a lot of time participating in private meetings of the Committee.

“It’s not about the President, but the presidency, said James Lankford, who before entering politics for a long time was a youth pastor for a Baptist Church. The question is, what is our place in the world as a nation.”

This does not mean that other members of the Committee are not interested. Seven Democrats-members of the Committee are certainly interested in finding out whether the Russians are in collusion with the electoral headquarters of the trump and whether they contributed to his election.

Senator Richard Burr (Richard Burr), the Senator from North Carolina and Chairman of the Committee, showing more diligence in addressing this issue, despite the hesitation shown to them in the beginning. They are high-ranking democratic Senator mark Warner (Mark Warner) from the state of Virginia has established a solid working relationship.

Also play a role, and three other Republicans: John kornyn (John Cornyn) of Texas, who, being the second-ranking Republican Senator, brings his vision as a management representative, Jim Risch (Jim Risch) from Idaho and Tom cotton (Tom Cotton), representing the state of Arkansas.

But it is noteworthy that the other four quietly United in a sort of informal working group in the framework of the intelligence Committee. They promote the investigation and consult not only with each other and with Richard Burr, but with mark Warner.

“We work hard and talk a lot with each other,” says Susan Collins, saying the investigation is “going as long as necessary”.

“This complex investigation, and if pulling the strings, it turns out that it is associated with a lot of other threads of this canvas, the plot of which we are completely uncertain”.

These are the four and what makes them tick:

Susan Collins

Although she is known as a Republican, expressing the Senate centrist views, another position which it occupies in Washington, in this case, no less important, she is a senior member of staff of the Senate.

Before his nomination, Susan Collins was the Senate’s chief adviser and has held other management positions. She has extensive experience in the investigation and implementation of control over them.

“I really want to know the truth — regardless of who is involved and where will the evidence,” she says. In 1974, at the age of 21 years, Collins was an Intern at the newly elected Congressman-the Republican from Maine William Cohen (William Cohen) who helped in the preparation of the submission to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon (Richard Nixon).

James Lankford

His colleagues say that it would be a mistake to underestimate this Junior Senator.

James Lankford has demonstrated an amazing political force during the primaries in 2014 during the elections to the Senate in Oklahoma, won the before this reputation of a conservative and is rapidly strengthening its credibility while working in the House of representatives for two terms.

He strongly objected to recent reports that the ongoing Senate investigation is not enough people, and the investigation is progressing very slowly.

“If you increase the staff, then these workers will have less access to the real documents necessary for the study of intelligence, — he said. — Need to conduct an investigation, utilizing high-level participants, the number of which should be as small as possible. And give them the time they need”.

Roy Blunt

Very few members of Congress made management posts and almost no one gets into the heads of the house of representatives and the Senate.

Roy blunt and former majority leader in the House of representatives and an experienced player who knows all that is happening in the House, is now the fifth ranking Republican in the Senate. He is firmly convinced that Congress is investigating Russian intervention — in order to find out what happened, and to have Congress and the White house was able to overcome it and move on.

“Everybody wins if we do this work as it should. But to do it faster than we can, and as quickly as possible,” he says.

Roy blunt is convinced that the Committee should conduct the investigation thoroughly and carefully. “By the end of the investigation we must converse with all with whom, in the opinion of a reasonable person, we had to talk. Find out what, in the opinion of a reasonable person, we had to find out,” he says.

Marco Rubio

After his unsuccessful presidential campaign, he was close to not returning to the Senate. But his mood changed and he is actively involved in already initiated an investigation connected with his election to the presidency of a man who during the primaries was his opponent from the Republicans.

In his recent speech in the program Face the Nation on CBS Marco Rubio stated that the Committee’s work will be not only to inform the public about what the Russians did, “but how they did it and what it means for the future and what we need to do”.

Rubio, being a hardliner against Russia, did not take seriously complaints of trump that he was the victim of a witch hunt. “We are a country of laws and we follow those laws, he said. — And the President has a right to their opinion.”

No doubt, as the progress of an investigation will arise political conflicts. And these four senators will play a crucial role in determining whether this investigation in the right direction.