Truth about Syria: the story of the priest

Priest Daniel Maes (Daniel Maes) — 78 years old, he is Belgian, from 2010 works in the ancient monastery of Mar Yakub in a square is 90 kilometers from Damascus.

It invited mother Agnes-Mariam della Croce (Agnes-Mariam della Croce), the nun, about which the public had formed a controversial opinion: due to its information campaign about the war in Syria on the West, it is accused of being an agent of Assad.

Father Maes is an important figure for Syrian Christians (especially in the Melkite Catholic community), not only because of his pastoral activity he is carrying out even in the most terrible moments of the war, but due to the fact that he is a European who saw firsthand what happened in recent years in Syria.

A few weeks ago he gave an interview to Dutch newspaper AD (Algemeen Dagblad) and told “her” the truth about the Syrian war.

Father Maes talks about street protests, as in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt in 2011 marked the beginning of the civil war: “the Idea that the popular uprising was directed against President Assad, is completely wrong. I live in Kara since 2010 and I own eyes saw came from other countries to Syria provocateurs organized protests against the government and were recruited into its ranks young people. What they filmed was broadcast on Al Jazeera to create the impression that there is a revolt. I saw foreign terrorists to commit murder in the Sunni and Christian communities, trying to spread religious and ethnic hatred among the Syrian people.”

Country consent

Father Maes, says that before the war, Syria was “a country of consent: a secular state, where peacefully side by side coexistence of various religious communities.” Of course, it was an authoritarian state, repressive, and all middle Eastern regimes, but the Christian minority there is always a guaranteed freedom.

It is known that Syria times, Assad was one of the most developed countries in the Middle East, one of the few where he was an active, prosperous middle class and advanced by the standards of the region social services.

Now the war has destroyed everything. As told to the Connector Akkach in his report in The Telegraph, in Syria, the country with the highest literacy rate in the middle East, now destroyed schooling system: more than 45% of the children lost the opportunity to attend school (due to conflict or due to the fact that educational institutions were destroyed), which adversely affect future generations; in a country where there was previously one of the most developed health systems in the Arab countries, today, half of the hospitals destroyed, doctors are forced to run, and the average life expectancy dropped to 55 years (in 2010 it was 70 years).

Moderate rebels

Father Maes recalls how the notorious praised West’s “moderate rebels” occupied the town of Cara. Their were “thousands of them were from Gulf countries, from Europe, Turkey, Libya, among them many Chechens. They formed a force of foreign occupation, all were members of “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization — approx.ed.) or other terrorist groups”. “Armed to the teeth by the West, they told us the following: “This country belongs to us now””, — said the father Maes.

The biggest lie

The journalist taking the interview of the priest, pushes him: “You say that the Syrian army protects civilians, but there are various reports on the war crimes committed by Assad’s forces, for example, on the use of cluster bombs.”

Response to father Maes, leaves no chance for doubt: “don’t you understand that the war in Syria is the biggest lie of our time? They sold even the nonsense about Assad. You think the Syrians are stupid people? That the population is in favour of Assad and Putin, because it forced to do so? The Americans are responsible for all this, they want to seize natural resources in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to create a Sunni Syria which will be deprived of religious freedom.”

Referring to the journalist, he said: “you Know, when the Syrian army was preparing for battle in Aleppo, some Muslim soldiers came to me for blessing. Between Muslims and Christians never had a problem. Murders committed by Islamic radicals, rebels receiving support from the West, they all belong to ISIS (banned terrorist organizations — approx.ed.). Among them there are no “moderate rebels””.


All this may seem nonsense of the old priest who sold the dictator, if we have not received permanent certificates upcoming “on the knee” of media manipulation.

The latter appeared a few days ago: it was reported about the alleged mass executions, which the regime has committed in prison Syedna: from 5000 to 13000 citizens in the period from 2011 to 2014. The report is based on non-existent evidence on the numbers based on hypothetical calculations on anonymous testimonies of people of the organizations opposing Assad and funded by the intelligence services of the West and Saudi Arabia. However, the report published by Amnesty International, was “conclusive evidence” in the Western media.


Where is this war God?

This is not the first case when a Christian in Syria tells the truth, inconvenient for our impregnated manipulation of consciousness.

Father Maes helps us to understand the meaning of time in which we live. The cover of fraud and lies that are spread out throughout the West, often distorts our view of the world, or at least what we think is the view of the world. In her incredible humility this old Belgian priest, remaining in the square to protect Christians and Muslims, when a Horde of jihadist mercenaries occupied the city, lifts the veil (but many refuse to believe it) over the manipulation of so-called democracy.

I found an old text published a year ago, where he talks about the day of the meetings, hope and friendship to Muslims and Christians. At some point he was approached by a Muslim and asked him: “father, where is God in this war?” He said: “people with good will”.

And whatever you thought, father Maes is one of those people.