Smoking during pregnancy most harm to the fetus liver – study

Smoking during pregnancy is most harmful to the liver of the fetus. This is stated in the results of research experts at the University of Edinburgh.

According to scientists, despite the fact that Smoking is harmful to the fetus in General, liver cells suffer the most.

For the experiment, the researchers used embryonic stem cells. Growing of samples of different tissues, researchers are working on them with a mixture of chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke, thereby mimicking Smoking during pregnancy.

The results showed that the greatest damage this impact causes the cells of the liver.

In addition, damage depended on the sex of the foetus. The boys on the liver tissue formed scars, the girls were damaged cellular metabolism.

The liver plays a vital role in cleaning the body of toxins and important for the regulation of metabolism. Scientists are going to address in more detail the effect of Smoking on other organs of the fetus separately and find out whether the damage from the floor they also.