Trump will not be able so quickly to destroy the West

It destroys the West, this madman, he is sabotaging the policy on the issue of climate change and talks nonsense about the German automakers — the impression of trump is created after the summit “Big seven”, and it’s wrong. Trump will not be able so quickly to destroy the West.

Trump refuses to accede to the agreement on climate is not its strength, but because of weakness. It blocks the agreement is not due to the fact that unanimously wants America, but because he has too few supporters of its confrontational course.

Even within his own government there are different opinions regarding the release of the internationally respected climate agreement. Even there are forces that believe the agreement is appropriate. So trump only asked for a continuance.

It is not finally buried the agreement. He still wants to “think” he wrote on Twitter. He believes that signature now, it will destroy the basis of power in the country, and conservative voters will leave him.

Quite a significant reason for the fear. Donald trump at home is increasingly under pressure. The head of the NSA at the meeting said there was evidence of cooperation with Moscow in the course of the campaign. The ship in distress.

The head of the headquarters of the trump in the election race was forced prematurely to quit. In Congressional elections in Montana, the Republican candidate, on Thursday received only 68% of the votes received there in November trump. For trump, the situation is complicated.

At the NATO summit trump insisted on the involvement of NATO in the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia organization — approx. ed.). Unit that costs the United States billions of dollars, can not stay aloof, when the neighborhood boss killers.

America alone?

In the half-liberated Mosul found Iraqi documents on the ongoing IG human experimentation involving biological weapons. Weapons were used in Europe. Does this apply to America? Those who show weakness against such extremists, will lose balance.

Trump is an extremist? In many ways, Yes. This is demonstrated and the summit “the Big seven”. Trump is sabotaging a climate deal, he destroys the tools of free trade, which were created for decades. But it demonstrates weakness. More and more and more. Trump is no longer in power to bury the West.

Before the summit of “Big twenty” it will clarify its position on the climate agreement. Otherwise, in Hamburg, he will be isolated on the world stage. This will lead to consequences for its foreign policy and domestic political power.

America is alone, alone against the whole world? In this case, voters from the Central camp in the United States will be outraged. Without them, trump will lose the election for Congress in 2018. Is he knows exactly.