In Perm do not sleep, waiting for the APU

“We do not understand that Donetsk to do, and this is no secret. It is clear that someone’s stupidity Russia got involved in a situation from which it is impossible to get out without significant loss of image. Although I say that the best method is still the entry of Russian troops in Ukraine, the unification of anti-terrorist operation forces, and, together with the anti-terrorist operation forces to sweep from the criminal element Donbas regions, and with appropriate apologies, the keys of the state border of Ukraine Ukraine and the ceremonial exit from catch the bouquets of flowers from a grateful population….Russian — they are, of course, its not cast, but they are amazing to drive. And it once again received their confirmation in the Donbas.” A Nevzorov

Glebych, of course, the Troll is known, but the sore spots gets not looking.

Then yesterday I watched Solovyov (10 minutes, no longer made for the evening 9.02.17) and experienced the same feelings that a Jew who read reactionary piece — filled with pride for Nazi APU, storming the positions of the light knights, and the elusive Ukrainian DRG, macadie in offices and toilets heroes of the Russian world. Direct want to get up and start to act as fascists. Nice all the same, when the enemy shit bricks from fear and powerlessness.

The main thing — not to break away from the screen to a rush not to lose. Not remove the bag with the Russian television with the head, otherwise it will shatter. And the Windows will be a very different picture, but it is… Tower sooner or later, stop working.

Now, to what I tell it.

Calling to his son, telling him that even in Perm unable to sleep, waiting for the onset of the APU on the Russian Mir and ready to defend it even at the Donetsk and Zhitomir. Nuts, I say. A half-hour look — and he will go to enroll in the militia.

No, dad, says son. — They are not crazy. They are at work. Maybe in the evening he comes home, puts on his shirt and kisses the portrait of Bandera. Maybe he’s a Ukrainian nationalist at heart — Salo, gorilka, MOV, Nezalezhnist. But he’s at work. He hates us two — and-a-half hours on the schedule. This is a job — brainwashed.

I imagined Solovyov, zamochennogo in a Ukrainian flag, at night, in front of a mirror, with a glass of vodka. As he locks the door and whisper sings, “Has not yet perished…” and rolls down his smooth cheek avaricious man’s tears.

Then he enters the frame and says:

— Nazi APU again went on the offensive, and we have to decide what to do with them…

Reson be, full of himself…

Funny? On the one hand — Yes.

Then I read Alexander Glebovich. And presented as forces of anti-terrorist operation together with the Ryazan special forces cleaned ORDO how to quickly change shoes in the yellow-blakitny all that bastard that waved Russian flags and gave our guys every fag. But the change of notation, to the fortuneteller do not go.

A ceremonial transfer of the “keys of the border” — it’s just a holiday! Beauty! Under sounds of the anthem of Ukraine, ceremonial hangings and exemplary executions. Who should be the Russians themselves strip. Or they each other clean up, as they have made.

Putin is giving a symbolic key from the cordon Poroshenko, a solemn parade in Brest… No, better as in red square, with the tossing banners of the IAF on the ground, with subsequent passage by them of military equipment.

And nine-digit numbers reparations.

Glebych and modestly silent about the transfer of the liberated Crimea. Well, he’s ashamed. Not all at once, right?

But seriously…

Now, I wonder how Russia will beat his departure from the Donbass? I have no doubt that this situation, Putin will have to crawl, though carcass, though in the form of canned food. A matter of time and whether there will be sparing the feelings of the monarch version of the Congress with the theme.

And the propaganda will be rebuilt. Change terminology, rhetoric, change the objects of slander. Without work will not remain.

And those who know a lot or knew would go into the ground. Girkin already realized. Asks, suicide it or to spend money on gasoline to be banged in the Donbass.

They are all doomed, you know.

It would be better to understand before.