Singing thinker, deeply feeling the pilot: Minister Pertti PAAs says Mauno Koivisto

Mauno kojvisto (Mauno Koivisto) who started small and became the head of state, for many years ably led by Finland dangers (former President of Finland Mauno Koivisto died on 12 may aged 93 years the funeral took place may 25 — approx.TRANS.). According to the former foreign Minister of Finland Pertti PAAs (Pertti Paasio), he was helped by his knowledge of the Russian language and the gift of the singer.

“Koivisto was very reasonable at a very young age,” recalls a former Chairman of the Social democratic party of Finland and former Minister of foreign Affairs Pertti PAAs. The first time he met with Koivisto in the middle of 1950-ies.

“He gathered a group of thinkers, which included doctors, professors, Bank executives, young and old. It was called club Koivisto,” says Pertti PAAs.

Pertti PAAs joined the party in 1957, when Mauno Koivisto was the President of one of the branches. At that time, Koivisto worked in the municipality of Turku.

This period influenced the whole life of President Koivisto. In my own way behaving politician attracted the Finns.

“Even the fact that he spoke in the dialect of Turku, put the dialect on a par with others, making it equal,” grins Pertti PAAs.

Young hard workers are guaranteed the money to education

Young Mauno Koivisto, who worked in the port of Turku, studied hard, and friends respected his desire to succeed academically.

“While working at the port, he went to University and finish my studies to the degree of doctor of science. When, during a lunch break he sat in the corner and opened his book, his close friends shouted words that have become legend: “Everyone out, Maukka engaged!” And Maukka learned a lot.”

Pertti PAAs recalls that the future banker received economic education, working on the boat, which was heated by coal.

“There workers a little older than him gave him the first lessons on how better move cargo from place to place. Perhaps it helped him in the future. The wisdom of the Manager was in his blood, and in politics it is important to think things through with all the details. Sometimes it takes time, and many did not have enough”.

The loss of a mother for a long time did not give him peace

Pertti PAAs believes that the habit of thinking about issues was imparted to him in the family. Koivisto rose to the heights of state leadership from a poor family in the street to Piispankatu in Turku.

Mauno Koivisto lost her mother at an early age, when he was ten years old. In an interview with Yleisradio on the occasion of his 75th birthday, Koivisto said that only much later he realized that he “felt an irrational anger at the fact that the mother so early left them.”

“This is perhaps a common manifestation of love. He was a deeply feeling person. Quite like it,” says Pertti PAAs.

Father Koivisto was a believer. PAAs notes that Koivisto in his memoirs, spoke openly about the impact that had on him in his youth, his father-Adventist. But not all his contemporaries knew about it.

“During the presidential elections believed that if Koivisto becomes President, all the parishes will cease to work and the Church will be closed. Probably no one knew that his family was very religious,” says PAAs.

An unusual love story

The Governor of the Bank of Finland Erkki Liikanen (Erkki Liikanen) recently recalled a conversation with his predecessor. At the Christmas dinner with former Board members Koivisto said that he had stopped thinking about the end of the world only after he met his future wife.

Pertti PAAs also confirms that the love story Mauno and Tellervo (Tellervo) Koivisto was amazing. Their daughter, Assi Koivisto (Koivisto Assi) was born in 1957.

“Family Koivisto really is integral. I subsequently spent a lot of time with them during official visits, and this impression is only confirmed. I still think so”.

At the first meeting in December 1950 Mauno Koivisto took Tellervo at the newly opened and very popular dance floor in the area of the hostel price! Turku.

“The people’s house for hostel price! deserve bronze plaques. Such legendary places in Turku a lot.”

Built on the Saturdays and who served in recent years place to hold flea markets the people’s house Pansila burned during a massive fire on Christmas eve 2015.

Carpenter led the way Finland

Political activities Mauno Koivisto began shortly after he returned from the war in late 1940-ies.

“A great prospect given the social struggle, and it is quite progressed in the field of transportation, ports, and shipyards. There Koivisto has quickly risen to become a friend at work who feared and loved because he knew his business”.

“It was evident during visits to the shipyard. He remembered his old comrades and addressed them by name”.

Pertti PAAs says that their close relationship with Koivisto happened at that time. The newspaper Sosialisti, and subsequently of the newspaper Päivälehti, the chief editor of which was Prime Minister Rafael PAAs (Rafael Paasio), Mauno Koivisto wrote articles under the pseudonym of “Carpenter”.

“It is important to make decisions that will not put pressure on people. They are very close collaboration occurred at a time when in the ports has an internal struggle among the workers ‘movement, the result of which could be quite different”.

Koivisto became the Finance Minister in the government of Rafael PAAs in 1966. Man of the people, whom he loved, never became a member of Parliament.

The singing President

The period of presidency of Mauno Koivisto (1982-1994) occurred in the turbulent years. The cold war with its threat of nuclear attack was still going on, but Finland has slowly released from the embrace of Eastern the bear and moved in the direction of Europe. The Berlin wall fell, the Soviet Union collapsed.

“It was a very stressful time, but in very difficult conditions Mauno Koivisto managed to avoid the pitfalls. In this issue the role of Mauno Koivisto undeniable”.

According to Pertti PAAs, in “maneuvering” Koivisto rescued his knowledge in the field of culture.

“His attitude to the Russian language and culture is known not so widely. He really spoke Russian very fluently and very beautiful! This opened up many opportunities.”

Koivisto, known for its passion for volleyball, was also a passionate music fan. Sometimes he was surprised at the owners meetings.

“Very often he sang at informal meetings. He was a fan of Russian folk songs and could suddenly play them during the state visit.”

“Thank Mauno Koivisto as music Director of the country reached even Africa,” says Pertti PAAs.

“As Minister of foreign Affairs, I was met at the airport by President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda (Kenneth Kaunda), and he asked me, how is singing a different President. One of these two was himself, the other — Koivisto. So he knew even at the equator!”