How to defeat Russia

Just say — I absolutely do not accept the rollicking appeals and statements that lack the political will or there is no order to attack, or that war is beneficial to the user, so I don’t want to smash the enemy to smithereens… All this half-truths, or previously Russian propaganda, which lend themselves to tens of thousands of our citizens.

I fully agree that if we were at war with the mongrel republics of Donbass, it would have taken us a week or two to release it. But we are at war essentially with Russia, which technical equipment is the second army in the world. We are at war with a country that for 25 years continuously increased the cost of defense.

This at a time when other countries disarmed. And about Ukraine and can not speak. Gave the latest weapons, military camps sold out for a pittance, reduced defense spending, once in five years conduct military exercises. During the service, the generals built dachas.

We are at war with a country that has nuclear weapons. We are at war with a country that will not leave attempts to make us his puppet. Under any President, Putin or the other. Don’t need to be military to understand that now is not the time of Genghis Khan, now that the war is a war of the latest technology and no valor and patriotism will not stop cruise missiles, launching over 50-100 kilometers from the target. No valor and patriotism will not affect the newest drones. Should be easy to create and have these weapons.

And while a military solution to the conflict impossible. And those who do not understand consciously or naively — just a puppet of Putin, who also believes that we are in a civil war, and Russia helps the brave tractor drivers and the miners and their offense will not give.

Therefore, the first condition of victory over Russia — the creation of a powerful army and develop new weapons.

And if anyone believes that I contradict myself because I do not accept a military solution, it is not so.

First, I’m talking about the present time.

Secondly, every aggressor, intending to attack anyone, carefully studying its military and industrial potential and their own losses.

If every year we will be stronger and stronger, it will forever hunt maps of any of Putin’s aggression.

Everything for the front, the first condition of victory.

War is not only a battle of weapons and people. War is a contest of economies. The weaker is Russia in economic terms, the faster we can regain our territory.

And so the second necessary condition for the victory over Russia is a permanent economic sanctions of the West. And what will be more, the sooner you break up the economy of this gas station.

And the fridge gradually win a TV and the Russians suddenly illuminate — the king is naked!

Yes, and we must do everything in order to reduce the trade with the aggressor.

In order to lower our “workers” went to Russia. To create the necessary conditions for work in Ukraine, to realize the abilities and aspirations of every Ukrainian in the country — an important component of lowering the potential of the Russian economy.

And the third necessary condition of victory over Russia is conducting we have effective reforms in politics and Economics.

If we are successful, it will happen what so afraid of Putin. Rossini will start to realize that they just cheated all the time.

Even a small success of the Ukrainian cause rage and anger in the Kremlin.

The President of the vast as he thinks it is a “superpower”, is haunted by the thought of “failure” of Ukraine to host Eurovision. Well, the scale thinking in him! How big of feet you cannot make a small, primitive instance, you cannot create an intellectual leader, even with large nuclear missiles.

How much sarcasm and anger resulted in the Russian media, Ukrainians in connection with the approval of a visa-free regime!

And the carrot was given, then taken away, and the money to travel they have anyway, why should they bezviz. But this fury can be seen that in the shower, they are just jealous and envy may soon move to dissatisfaction with his leadership. Each success of Ukraine’s economic and political direction — a knife in Putin’s back.

What is required of us? Just don’t catch a disease of the Russians. If they have all that is done in the country, approved all, we have all that is done – all is criticized.

If you call this disease OSVETLENIE of schizophrenia, they have it with a plus sign, and we have — with a minus sign.

Recently one friend told me that she was texting classmates with one of my friend living in Russia. Politics is not discussed. Kids, life, photo. When the decree about blocking Russian networks, sent her a message that you have to look for other ways to communicate that she was sorry, but that is the policy of our countries, what can you do. And received the answer: “the Policy of your leadership generally defies logic”. Feel the difference?

“It is possible for life to curse the darkness, you can light a small candle”, — ETM the words of Confucius XX centuries ago are still relevant today.

Let us all light a small candle, every — where will be able to get out from the darkness and bring victory over Russia.