For that you can take the subsidy in 2017: Ukrainians are waiting for the new law and the transfer is “discount”

The majority of Ukrainian families have already issued subsidy for utilities. This year the state spends on the payment “discount” of about 51 billion hryvnia. Approximately five billion it will save by raising the minimal salary in half, even part of the amount will be able to maintain through verification. The website “Segodnia” find out who could be left without grants this year and how will help.

Violated time and again

At the beginning of last year, the Ministry of Finance has launched a large-scale verification. Under the test got 25 million Ukrainians – everyone who receives money from the state (including pensioners and subsidiary). In 2017, a verification needs to reach a new level – the Ministry of Finance is developing a special bill.

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Most violators were detected among the recipients of the grant. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the subsidy can’t get the Ukrainians, who during the year made a purchase for at least 50 thousand hryvnias. Of the registers of the Ministry of Finance receives information about the purchasers of land and property, and then compares it with the list of subsidianes. Thus , they found more than 100 thousand “offenders”.

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The amount of subsidy in the first place depends on total family income. Thus, according to various estimates, up to 40% of Ukrainians are part of the salary “in envelope”. The Finance Ministry was still developing a mechanism that will allow us to determine the real income of subsidianes.

Due to the increase in the minimum wage from 1,600 to 3,200 hryvnia from January to subsidies, estimated by officials, will be able to save about five billion. However, will recalculate the “discount” only at the end of the heating season – after April 2017.

Another common violation – renting apartments with subsidies. Income from housing delivery in rent should be taken into account when calculating subsidies. In addition, to “utility” discount is available only at the place of actual residence. That is, in a rented apartment to issue a grant can only be tenants by providing a lease in the organs of social protection.

Despite this, in the Internet you can find hundreds of ads “rent an apartment with subsidy”. Some of them are not from the segment of “affordable housing”.

What will happen to the subsidies in 2017

This year the Cabinet of Ministers should develop a concept for the monetization of subsidies. Simply put – a “discount” will be paid with money. Only for 2017 for grants plan to spend 51 billion hryvnia.

“The monetization of subsidies discussed in the Cabinet. The Prime Minister, the World Bank and the working group of the Cabinet. The government thinks about it. Finally the realization that monetization is necessary, there”, – said the representative of the Ministry of Finance, the head of the office of reforms Yana Bugrimova.

After that, suggest officials will have an incentive to save – less spent on bills, the more money is left. If now the “saved” funds be transferred to the following month, and after the “surrender” you will receive “hands on”.

There are several possible monetization schemes. The first is to pay money Teplokommunenergo (CTV), which will offset the subsidies, the second is to transfer the money allocated for subsidies directly to consumers. The second model also has several variants. On the card can list all the money, and the Ukrainians will be able to spend them at its discretion, or the card will list only the savings, if the grantee used the resources provided by a social norm.

“In my personal opinion, I would go step by step, because this change carries risks. We don’t know how people will behave if we, the card will give all the money, and no usage restrictions. I’m not sure in this case does not fall payment discipline. The ultimate goal is to give money to people. Must be prepared by the technical solution: what card and on what basis. Perhaps you need to start with the monetization of residues, then we avoid the risks of non-payment. Then you need to go full monetization,” says Yana Bugrimova.

The Deputy head of the Department of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Alexey Habacuc confident that the introduction of monetization of subsidies should be preceded by building a system of verification of recipients of subsidies and the decline of standards, which is assigned to the “discount”.

How many Ukrainians risk to remain without subsidies

According to estimates of the Ministry of social policy, subsidies this year will receive 9 of the 15 million Ukrainian families. Now the results of the verification of seven thousand families were left without subsidies (the state saved almost 15 million). Just a “blacklist” of the Ministry of Finance got 185 thousand grantees, now the information is verified by the social security authorities.

Without leave of subsidies for two reasons:

  • Grantee hides part of the income
  • Grantee made a purchase for the sum from 50 thousand within 12 months of receipt of “discounts”

Without the help can also be those Ukrainians whose income over the past year increased significantly.

We will remind, from the middle of last year, if able-bodied family member not officially working, when calculating subsidies, as stated by the Deputy social policy Minister Vitaly Muminin, will take into account his income in amount of two living wages (currently – UAH 3200). Previously unemployed family member considered income in the amount of one subsistence minimum. So, if a family of 4 working-age persons has an aggregate income of 10 thousand hryvnia, but one of the family members is not officially open, in the calculation of the grant would assume that the family earns 13.2 thousand.

That is, in fact, the subsidy, the unemployed person is put at the same level as the subsidy for the Ukrainian minimum wage.