Ukraine has come a new wave of burglaries: how to protect yourself from thieves

This summer in Ukraine is expected to the next wave of thefts. The number of such cases could rise about 20-30%, said CEO of the holding companies security “Sheriff” Dmitry Strizhov. Considering that the majority of housing in Ukraine are not protected (in Kiev from 800 thousand apartments on the alarm is no more than 80 thousand), to roam the robbers would be where, writes UBR.

The majority of Ukrainians are not particularly thinking about geocaching and hide their money and jewelry in the traditional places — in the bedding, under the mattress, pillows, under clothing in closets. Visually this money is invisible, and citizens believe that the robbers are too lazy or reluctant to dig into their underwear.

Here are just some of the top places where Ukrainians are hiding their savings, although the thieves about them is already known:

  • dressers, books, cabinets, CDs, banks, flower pots;
  • refrigerator (freezer), oven, microwave;
  • ventilation grille;
  • cisterns, space for a mirror, a carpet, paintings, etc.;
  • in technology: computer, TV, etc.

“Ukrainians are hiding their valuables under mattresses, in bags, or closets that are quite well known to thieves who check these places first. Usually the theft long enough getting ready, tracking down owners, studying the routines of their day, during their absence, etc.,” said managing partner of law firm “Lex Suprema” Victor frost.

The theft is carried out in a matter of minutes. Chance to find the thief and return the stolen is minimal. Besides, the police still have to prove that you really did have things “acquired by overwork”, say, to present checks for jewelry, equipment and so forth in fact, it means that the theft should be prepared well in advance, before it occurs.

Experts advise that valuables should not be stored in open places. You need to hide them so that the thief has taken the search for at least some time, at least 3-5 minutes. It can be even a simple safe bolted to the floor, with a nice castle.

Despite the advancement of robbers were hiding places where you think to look not all:

  • cornice — a hollow inside it, there will easily fit collapsed tube money.
  • the cache can be drilled in the upper frame interior doors;
  • furniture — cavity inside any shelves, walls, window sills.

“It is easy to think the secret is in the leg of a chair. Or go the way of the famous judges of Leadership: only you will know where the buried money or jewels. But this, of course, the recipe is exclusively for residents of private homes. Although the apartments — all your ingenuity — a headache for thieves,” said the lawyer to the criminal practices of JSC yuf Ario Vadim Dynnik.

But a lot of creativity, too, is not the case for the benefit of, lawyers say. For example, the veterans of criminal investigation Department of Odessa said that once retired sea-wolf, in memory of the submarine brought and installed in the apartment, “Howler” (the siren). When the thief unknowingly thrust into this apartment and experience “the Howler”, a criminal died on the spot from fear.

How to prevent thieves

Well in the protection of housing make friends with the neighbors — ask them in the absence of the owners from time to time to inspect the door on the subject of “signal beacons”. As these beacons thieves often use a simple string or a piece of wrapper from a cigarette pack.

“They just put the thread in the crack between the door and trim boxes. If you’ve not, then no one opens the door that is for the burglar alarm to go on business”, — says Dynnik.

The speed of the penetration of the thieves in housing, not least depends on the quality of the castle — it can be from thirty seconds to five minutes. And in order to quickly skim to see what’s five minutes.

If the thief is on fire and knows exactly what thing he came (for example, for the picture, some valuable documents, jewelry), and where they are, that it may take thirty seconds. That is, even the presence of the alarm if things are not for some extra security, will not prevent the thief to steal them. The task of the host is to make the process more complicated and lengthy.

“Ideally, you want the apartment was a double door. The misconception that the first door must be complex, and the second can be a sham. Preferably that would be contrary to the thief, and open the first door, spent a long time with the second. Then the security company will have enough time to arrive and detain the malefactor”, — said Dmitry Strizhov.

In the apartment you can also set the system locks access control fingerprint, which is not desirable access even friends. Ie, you can choose one or several rooms, which equip with a special reader with access only to family members.

Accordingly, if possible infiltration through Windows, the balconies, the need to equip them with special hardware, additional blinds.

“The more complex and security locks and devices (bronenakladki on the lock, electromagnetic locks, the secrets of various kinds), known only to the owners, the less likely that thieves will be able to enter your apartment,” said Dynnik.