GPU took up the theft of “Kyivvodocanal” Yanukovych

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine (PGO) is investigating the illegal alienation of property, Kyivvodokanal (KVK) in favour of companies controlled by the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr Yanukovych, according to

So, according to the court, the theft of “Kyivvodocanal”, the Prosecutor’s office rassleduet within the overall production from 06.03.2014, into the possession of Viktor Yanukovych, the state property in especially large size.

During a pretrial investigation it is established that in 2011 – 2012 Chairman of the Board Valery Cheney and some of the members of the Supervisory Board of KVK, gave unlawful controlled by Yanukovych of the company sanatorium “Rodnik” (m. Kyiv, Kurortnaya str., 4) and the complex of buildings (Kyiv, Generala rodimtseva, 4).

Among the companies-recipients of private enterprise “Technogenetic”, “Gellios” LTD and LLC “YURIT” LTD. To conceal the transaction attracted PJSC “Radical Bank”, whose leaders were controlled by Yanukovych.

13 April 2017 the Prosecutor’s office conducted a search in the Kiev notary Olga Pynzenyk and seized copies of KVK documents (statutory documents, minutes of meetings and shareholders meetings, orders, certificates on the property); copies of the documents of PJSC “Radical Bank”; copies of passports and INN Tenevogo Valery and Henri Veremeychenko (then Chairman of the Board of “Radical Bank”); statement encumbrance and mortgages of property.

On 18 April, the court seized on the seized documents. Also, prosecutors have gained access to banking and registration Affairs of the three firms, and contracts of suretyship in the Bank.