Doused with acid beauty Queen showed his disfigured face

27-year-old ex-participant of the contest “Miss Italy” Jessica Notaro, which were doused with acid thrown lover, decided to take revenge on the girl for leaving, showed my scars.

She appeared in the program Maurizio Costanzo Show. At the beginning of the broadcast, Notaro covered his face with a handkerchief, but then still decided to show his disfigured face to the audience, reports the Daily Mail.

In 2007, Notaro was a finalist of the contest “Miss Italy”, and in recent years tried to make a TV career and become a singer.

After a perfect on it in January 2017, attack, Notaro had two months to spend in the hospital with a single mode, in which the other visitors had to speak through the glass. Currently, she regularly has to take painkillers and ointments and avoid direct sunlight. Cosmetic surgery the girl will be ready not earlier than one year after her wounds finally heal.

The attack on the girl was made by her ex-boyfriend, a native of Cape Verde, Jorge Edson Tavares, whom she met three years ago when they worked together in dolphinariums her hometown of Rimini. In August last year the couple broke up, but Tavares held on the girl anger and repeatedly threatened her with violence.

Notaro filed a complaint to the police, which has been made against the young man’s prohibition to approach a former lover. However, a former boyfriend still made her attack, waylaid the girl at the window of her house.

The young man who is in prison awaiting trial, has denied involvement in the attack on ex-girlfriend.