U.S. financial sanctions against Russian businesses that support trade ties with the DPRK

Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri Shimbun”, citing a reliable source in the US government announced on 31 July that the United States intends to introduce financial sanctions against Russian businesses and individuals, supporting economic ties with the DPRK, with the aim to increase pressure on North Korea.

America intends to take such action against China and Russia, to block sources of funds to the regime of Kim Jong-UN. The last time North Korea pays special attention to the establishment of foreign economic relations, previously focused almost exclusively on China, with Russia.

“Yomiuri Shimbun” reported that “the United States announced additional sanctions against Chinese companies, cooperating with North Korea, and intend to impose sanctions against Russian companies.”

“This will affect all companies and their affiliates that trade with North Korea, including the South-Eastern regions such as Singapore,” — says a Russian company has appeared under the threat of sanctions from the United States.


“We intend to extend sanctions, and thereby possible to block all loopholes that allow to trade with the DPRK,” confirmed a reliable source in the us government.

According to data provided by Agency “KOTRA” (Korean government Agency for promoting trade and investment — approx. ed), Russian exports to North Korea in January-may this year amounted to 4.8 million dollars, more than twice the US rate for the same period last year ($2.4 million). In particular, it States that Russia is becoming a new supplier of fuel to North Korea, since 90% of the exported Russian Federation to the DPRK of goods this year has made oil and other energy sources. Meanwhile, North Korea previously depended solely on Chinese oil supplies.

Russia has made it clear that he opposes the strengthening of U.S. sanctions against the North.

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov in an interview to the American TV channel “ABC” July 30, said: “We are ready to discuss a resolution of the UN Security Council on additional sanctions against North Korea. We are concerned about the illegal activities of DPRK’s nuclear-related program. But we do not intend to participate in strangulation of the North Korean economy.”

The United States insists on the adoption of a new package of sanctions that include blocking crude oil deliveries to the North. However, it is reported that Russia is strongly against it.

“The launch of the Intercontinental ballistic missiles of the DPRK is a direct violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council. But attempts by the US and other countries to shoulder the responsibility for the current situation on the shoulders of Russia and China are groundless”, — said S. Ryabkov.