Syria: between Russia and the United States

The United States supports the Free Syrian army, which is different from the other various Islamic groups, receiving a direct or indirect financial assistance from Saudi Arabia and allied Gulf States. The most important of these Islamic armed groups: Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-sham, al-Jabhat al-Islamiya, Jaish al-Islam and ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Turkey allows to cross its borders “volunteers” going to Jihad in Syria. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey allows to cross its borders only “volunteers” who were sent to Syria. They openly support ISIS and are fighting against Syrian Kurds. Many of these “volunteers” took part in the armed clash in the city of Ein al-Arab (Kobani).

However, all this is not enough for the peoples of our countries, and therefore we must turn to peacekeeping and public organizations to assess what is happening in Syria — the revolution in the name of freedom and democracy!

USA, France, Britain, Turkey and Gulf countries were able to mobilize many disparate military groups, the poor and the ignorant public masses in Syria, as well as mercenaries who have come from eighty countries, including European. Together they have become exporters of arms and terrorism. It should also be mentioned that Turkey and Jordan have opened training camps for militants heading to Syria. In addition, you must take into account that the United States organized by the democratic revolution in Iraq, after which it was disbanded the Iraqi army. As a result, many Iraqi officers and soldiers out of work. They subsequently formed the nucleus of ISIS! Also do not forget that the United States to the Syrian revolution organized a coup in Libya, after which the international market and a flood of Libyan money, weapons and oil.

I’m sure that thanks to the current President, the Syrians managed to remain steadfast and immovable in their position, and undergo tremendous hardship and go to great sacrifices. Many people joined the “evil power” to fight with the regime, but there is no doubt that the Syrian patriots will return to your home country and will heroically to protect her in the hope for a bright future!

However, this does not absolve us from the need to recognize the fact that a huge number of fighters involved in the Syrian revolution. Sometimes they tilt the balance of power in their favor, which prompted the Syrian government to seek the assistance of his Russian friends, who have been known to sell them weapons!

Thus, we can frame the issue: revolutionary forces used American weapons against the Syrian government (not obeying the American orders) to protect his country and his people from the Russian weapons! Seven years, I ask, where is the revolution? If not for the money of the Gulf and American weapons, it would flash revolution? Please note that where the US and Israel. On this basis, the Syrian government has to deal with these uncontrolled external factors, namely, with American arms, money of the Gulf and Islamist groups!

I believe that it is necessary to consider the Russian position on the Syrian issue in light of all the foregoing. It is obvious that the Russians are cooperating with the Syrians, but only within certain limits, which is quite natural. They are allies of Syria to resolve the crisis without affecting however all the areas of this issue. We can say Russians are partial allies. In other words, their interests coincide with the interests of the Syrian state only, in some aspects, in particular, in the protection of coastal areas and the cessation of Turkish intervention in Northern Syria. Additionally, Russia allegedly offering arms to Syria to provide protection, yet deals with the problems to resolve the Syrian crisis, which will not lead to open confrontation between Syria and Israel. Russia does not want Israel involved. It is shown in the neutral position, which was occupied by the Russians on the issue of repeated Israeli attacks against positions of the Syrian military. Or trying to solve all the problems with Israel through diplomacy!

It should also be noted that today’s Russia is certainly not the Soviet Union. It focuses on private interests, not principles. Russia can not allow the United States violated the sovereignty of other States on their own. Thus, she strongly condemns the illegal US intervention in Syria and is trying to thwart their plans in the region. There is no doubt that Russia is working to strengthen the Syrian government army, while the US opposes it. In other words, Syria, Russia is fighting the US government of the Syrian army, while the U.S. confront Russia with its Islamist allies: “the Muslim brotherhood”, the Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS. It’s simple!

In addition, the U.S. is trying to fight Russia with Turkey. The fact is that the United States fear not only Russia, but also Turkey. It is possible to abandon the policy of “double standards” is the reason why the US and Russia help the Kurds. It serves as a means of exerting pressure on Turkey. However, each of these countries has its own interests in this matter. Undoubtedly, Turkey will be encouraged and supported US in case it attacks Iran. And this, of course, would upset Russia.

There is also another potential problem that should not be overlooked and this is a military threat from Israel, which can get involved in the war in Syria under the pretext of eliminating Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah in the Syrian territory in the memory of the war in Lebanon in July 2006. Moreover, both parties are key allies of the Syrian government army. In my opinion, without these allies, Syria will be in more danger than at the exit of Russian military action.

Now to the role of the United States, which recently launched a series of airstrikes on Syrian military installations on the border between Syria and Iraq. I think that’s evidence enough to conclude that the United States and Israel in Syria carried out a joint operation called “fight against terrorism”. The United States claims that came to Syria to combat terrorism, because terrorism is a threat to their national security. The attack on the position of the government of the Syrian army telling us that the U.S. is considering the army as “terrorists”. This means that they oppose the existence of the Syrian army and their goal is its elimination, as has happened with the Iraqi army.

It is obvious that the Syrian army knows about what is happening and takes appropriate action. However, the United States appealed to the Syrians, urging them to join the “revolution.” And also said that they support the armed opposition which is involved in the talks in Astana and Geneva. Do not forget that the American ally in the region is Saudi Arabia, and the United States use military resources of Turkey.

The United States appealed to the Arab progressive community that is acquainted with the statements of the former Secretary of state Condoleezza rice about the war in Iraq. USA say they do not want to bring freedom and democracy to Syria. And also that they are not interested in the destruction of oil wells, as happened in Libya.