Eight foods to cleanse the circulatory system

There are products that help to cleanse the blood vessels of the circulatory system, reports sobesednik.ru.


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Here is a list of the most useful products for the circulatory system

  • Garlic

It protects the cardiovascular system, useful in the treatment of infections, prevention of cancer. Confirmed: the use of 4,000 mcg of allicin (contained in 1-4 garlic cloves) per day will reduce the clogging of blood vessels and support the heart and blood vessels. Many vegetarians, followers of the Vedas and Ayurveda consider garlic a product “low-energy”. But even they are 2-3 times a year take it for prevention. The rest of the time replace the garlic Indian spice with asafetida.

  • Turmeric

In this “Golden elixir” – jewel of Ayurveda – the primary contains polyphenol, which reduces fatty deposits in the arteries. This spice can be added to cereals, vegetables, meat, milk. Can the morning to drink a glass of water with half a teaspoon of turmeric.

  • Garnet

Studies have shown that it can clean out the arteries, encouraging blood the production of nitric oxide and lower blood pressure. Pomegranate is so healing that even the “juice shop” works effectively. Pomegranate seeds can be added to meat dishes, in green salads.

  • Cinnamon

It is believed that one teaspoon of cinnamon (daily and long-term) will help to reduce the cholesterol level. You can divide this dose into several intakes. Cinnamon also – a great antioxidant.

  • Chia seeds

A new culture in our mentality, came to us from Latin America. Fans of a healthy lifestyle are able to evaluate it and to enter into the diet. It is a source of energy for the body. Alpha linoleic acid is found in Chia seeds, and it regulates blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces triglyceride levels. Chia seeds are very good for the heart and wonderful healing tool.

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes stimulate an increase in lycopene (an antioxidant) and reduces the number of “bad” cholesterol, which causes atherosclerosis. In addition, tomatoes are important for bone health.

  • Apples

It is recognized that apples lower cholesterol. A group of researchers from Ohio state University found that an Apple a day will help you to reduce hardening of the arteries by 40%. Right English proverb: “an Apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Some nutritionists believe that eating an Apple a day along with the seed, we put a defense against cancer. The same protective properties of apricot seed.

  • Greens

Greens are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. It prevents the oxidation of the body and increase cholesterol levels. Herbs contain potassium, folic acid, fiber – and therefore also useful in hypertension. Levels of homocysteine (an amino acid high rate which leads to diseases of the heart and blood vessels) can affect just one green salad a day. Spinach also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.