How to lose weight: simple rules from a fitness trainer

Fitness coach Anita Lutsenko was gaining weight and decided to get rid of them through proper diet and training.

She announced this in Instagram and painted the plan of action for getting rid of extra pounds.

“So, I was so pleased with himself, very relaxed and of course gained 1-2 kg extra. So you’ll have to take myself in hand (so to speak mode – cut bangs-grow out bangs. But not boring,” joked Anita and explained that it is not so important kg, how to remove a little bit of subcutaneous fat and edema of the belly and the hips.

Next fitness coach painted on how to return to the form:

1. To clean coffee with milk from my diet (it just works – the effect is too obvious)

2. 1 fruit a day up to 16:00

3. 3 meals per day required (lunch is the most dense).

4. Anything sweet, rolls, croissants, chocolate, cookies and so on.

5. Times a week get on a run clock.

6. Once a week pool

7. Surya every morning is so clear.

8. Power for 20-30 repetitions, 3-4 approach.

9. No alcohol.

10. What to eat: cheese, sour cream, berries, eggs, fish, poultry, all vegetables in any form, fruit (except bananas), all cereals, rice, pasta, bread or whole wheat unleavened bread.

The post Anita in just two days collected more than 17 thousand likes and lots of comments.