Music in the service of the great Russia

“The country is in crisis, the people suffered, and at this time God sent him” — sings about Vladimir Putin, Tajik singer Tolibdzhon Kurbanhanov and vocalist “Singing together” dream about the guy that was “such, as Putin”. On the Russian music scene you can find many examples of how ideologically close to the President, the artists Express their love.

The work “Singing together”, which portrays Putin as a winner of the manhood and the ideal candidate for a husband, apparently, like the Russian audience: it became a hit. Singer say they want to find a guy like Putin: full force, non-drinker, not to offend women and it is not going to escape because such a man as they assert, “easy home and away”.

Tolibdzhon Kurbanhanov for not so intimate spheres, but also sings the praises of. Unnamed named President of the GDP (who has in mind the contractor, it is easy to guess) is a completely positive hero, who took the helm of the country at a moment of deep crisis of the state, when the people suffered and feared for their future. He didn’t just gained power, and became a prophet or even the Messiah, who appeared in literally mysterious circumstances,”in the beginning of the century and the Millennium” (Boris Yeltsin handed over the reins to Prime Minister Putin on 31 December 1999).

Tajik singer calls the President a messenger of God and praises his style of government, the decisions are all political strategies, as well as faithfulness to the promises made. As a result, in the chorus we hear about GDP hero who saved the people and the country, providing them with stability and development. Therefore, as says the musician, it is to elect again.

More relevant to the political line of the Kremlin works has much more well known than the previous actors, singer, composer, actor and poet Oleg Gazmanov. In his works, Putin is not called directly by the Savior, but their ideological orientation is obvious: they embodied the great ideology and a desire to restore the Soviet Union. It is no coincidence that in one of his most popular songs Gazmanov sings: “Ukraine and the Crimea, Belarus and Moldova — this is my country” (“Born in the USSR”). People’s artist of the Russian Federation includes in this list of Kazakhstan, the Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

All artwork is imbued with ideology, which is close to the political circles of Vladimir Putin. It is said to be connoisseurs of Russian subjects, a kind of “bad fusion” of the tsarist and Soviet legacy, the Romanov Empire and to the General secretaries. The Orthodox autocracy and the Bolshevik communism it is impossible to combine? Nothing of the sort! Have Gazmanov it works the same way as in the political juggling characters, which is entrenched in the Kremlin team.

However, the artist does not hide his warm feelings towards Vladimir Putin, who we see in the clip – “Forward, Russia”. This is a song with strong Imperial message. Audacious (even arrogant) text accompanied by visuals in which appear the Russian and Soviet armed forces, the magnificent scenery of the “largest country in the world”, the images associated with the Russian tradition and culture, footage sports victories, and along the Crimean demonstrations in support of joining the Peninsula to Russia.

“Russia, Russia — in the word fire and strength / In the word victory flame / Raise Russian flag”, — sings Gazmanov, which was awarded for its activities and awards (he was invited, for example, to participate in the Olympic torch relay before the Olympics in Sochi).

Combining at first glance contradictory, and even in irreconcilable conflict elements deals not only with Oleg Gazmanov, but the folk-rock group “lube”. The team started their artistic activity in those days, when Vladimir Putin heard except the KGB. So these musicians are not motivated by a desire to make a quick career, and their works can be considered the epitome of sincere personal beliefs. This, however, does not mean that they reject political proposals, being promoted by the Russian ruling elite.

“Lube” does not link their ideas with the current policy and does not apply to rude propaganda. The theme of the lyrics is wide. Nikolay Rastorguyev and his friends sing about the beauty of their country and lovely scenery, about Kolchak, who commanded during the civil war, “white,” the tragedy of this fratricidal conflict, and (probably jokingly) calling on Americans to return to Russian Alaska. In the works of the group we can get acquainted with the hard work of a soldier and find out about the losses that Russia suffered in various wars from Chechnya to Georgia.

The message of the songs of “lube” does not go beyond the boundaries of good taste and clothed in an unobtrusive form, it is consonant with the ideas of Vladimir Putin and his policies. However, the leader of the ensemble by chance got in the electoral list of “United Russia”, and in 2010 became the Deputy from “United Russia” in the Duma.

It is a mistake to argue that the current from the end 1980-x of years the group has taken a certain position, hoping it will help with her work. The musicians created such works even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and then, in the decade of Yeltsin’s decay and social stagnation, but was able to feed myself with creativity. Even then, the popularity of such ideas in the Russian society was quite high. It is therefore not surprising that the example of “lube” are now following the new artists, the sincerity of which is open to doubt. In Russian Internet you can find even emerged after the annexation of the Crimea anti-Russian songs in the disco style. So the ideas go to the masses.

Lenin once said that the most important art is cinema. The movie, of course, remains, but the most important means of mass communication of the XXI century, the Kremlin considers the Internet. Russian propaganda can be detected in the network everywhere, including with subtitles in Polish. The conclusion is that they are addressed not only Russian but also foreign audience. The vast majority of musicians glorifying Putin has also made a career using the Internet and their videos are filled with images of happiness and peace spreads everywhere comes the Kremlin’s soldiers. The soldier, who asks those whom he frees, whether they want it.