People don’t feel safe until loved ones do not fall in the intensive care unit: an interview with Victor Lyashko about the epidemic of coronavirus

Ukraine can go a Chinese company for clinical trials of a vaccine against COVID-19

After the weakening of quarantine in Ukraine every week record “records” the number of patients with coronavirus. The critical situation in the Carpathians – in the region begin to open additional medical facilities.

What measures will the Ministry of health in case of further growth in the number of patients, how to work with schools on 1 September and will the country receive a vaccine against coronavirus – in an interview with “Today,” said the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Liashko.

– Recently, the employment of beds in hospitals in Transcarpathia reached 70%. This is a very high figure. In a matter of days hospitals can be overcrowded. What to do?

– Indeed, we see increased morbidity in Transcarpathian region. The same situation in the Lviv and Volyn regions. Transcarpathia is already attracting hospitals in the second wave. This process provides and we to prepare for it. There are hospitals of the first wave, which concluded contracts with the National health service and assist patients with coronavirus disease. In these hospitals there are places for adults, for children and resuscitation. There is also the resuscitation team, for which the calculated rate, and NCSU pays for their work. If the occupancy of beds in the hospital reaches 50%, the region should prepare the next hospital with the second wave, which will hospitalized patients. The inclusion of the hospitals of the second wave in the list of clinics that can help patients with coronavirus, occurs after occupancy of beds reaches 75%. These 75% are not from all sites, and separately for child, adult and resuscitation. For this just follow the health departments of the regions. We saw that in the Transcarpathian region, the Department is allowed to hospitalize in the hospital of the second wave, not counting the filling of beds. So we quickly organized a teleconference, again explained everything and the process went. Three hospitals definitely included in the list of hospitals that provide assistance to patients with COVID-19, and then the head of the regional state administration together with the Department of health fulfills a mechanism to expand the number of beds to assist. In parallel, preventive activities, which should prevent patients.