What will take most of the Ukrainian army: details of appeal-2017

The timing of the call is determined by the President, and the number of recruits, the government. Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree according to which the spring conscription will be held in April-may and autumn in October-November. This spring, the military will call for more than 14 thousands of Ukrainians across the country. Most of all in the Dnepropetrovsk region (1480 people), and less in Luhansk – 210 young men.

A few weeks ago, from the Dnieper for military service sent the first 100 guys. The recruitment drive continues – military commissariats send out subpoenas, high school students pass a medical examination. If, during the mobilization of military Commissars met Ukrainians agendas, near shopping, walk-through points on the plants and stops – now from “raids” almost refused. As explained in one of the district commissioners, the need to “chase” for recruits anymore. The plan by the number of “recruits” has significantly decreased.

“We have, for example, on the area of the fourth wave of partial mobilization plan was 2,800 people. And this is only the mobilization and conscription for military service! To help you understand the plan to be executed. What to do if the person is not on the agenda? We now have a plan 520 conscripts. And if during mobilization to send to the ATO area, all conscripts serve in places of permanent deployment – to the Donbass are not sent. So now everything runs normally – distributed agenda, people come. Nobody’s chasing. If deviates, then we recorded and sent to law enforcement agencies”, – told the “Today” in one of the district military enlistment office in Zaporozhye region.

The spring draft campaign will cost the Ukrainian budget at 46.5 million. The lion’s share of this amount (USD 45.2 million) will distribute the “recruits” as a one-time financial payments.