Israel participated in a Jewish conference in Russia

Zionism has made a new attempt to establish control over the world, especially places such as the United States of America, China, India, UK, France. As for Russia, the signs of the emergence of the Zionist lobby are visible in Moscow. The first step towards this was the conduct of 22 April eleventh conference “Limmud FSU Moscow”.

“The Zionist lobby in Russia” — the best expression to describe the conference of the Russian Jewish community, which was held in Moscow with the aim of strengthening Jewish identity among the Jews of Russia and the world. Furthermore, the goal of the conference was to strengthen the ties of love and affection between the Zionist community and Russia. “Limmud” was attended by about 2,500 Jews, mostly young people who took part in more than 250 sessions, devoted to religion, culture, sport and the arts. The conference was also attended by Israeli officials.

First and foremost it should be noted that Soviet Jews occupy a special position in Israel, and the flow of migrants from the former Soviet Union in the Zionist outbreak is not stopped yet. Since the 90-ies of the last century up until now this thread was just the usual wave of Jewish immigration. He was not only aimed to affect demographic situation in occupied Palestine, changing it in favor of the Jewish population, save the state Israel, but also to strengthen the position of the Jews and to ensure the accommodation in the occupied Palestinian territories the largest possible number.

There is no doubt that tsarist Russia played an important role in the history of the Zionist movement, and then in the creation of the Zionist entity in the occupied Palestinian territory. The conditions in which Jews lived in Russia, became fertile ground for the emergence of any ideas that promised salvation, whether each person separately, as proposed Hasidic community, or the nation, as claimed by the Zionist movement. The first Zionist organizations appeared in Russia, so the first Russian Zionist organization (not related to Theodor Herzl) inspired the Jews to the establishment of a global Zionist organization and the idea adopted by Herzl, which was nothing more than the “face” of European civilization. Thus, the idea of Zionism is of Russian origin. This vision contradicts what we know about the events until the nineteenth century, namely our knowledge about what happened to the Zionist Congress held in 1897. So, there were to be a different meeting that tried to revive the idea (according to the Torah) about the need to create a homeland for the Jews, an idea which became popular first in Russia.

As in many countries of Eastern Europe, the emergence of Zionism was associated with the creation of the movement (“Lovers of Zion”) in the 80-ies of the XIX century. When Theodor Herzl published his book (“the Jewish state”) in 1896, he gathered the Zionists of Russia, which was reflected in the Russian mission in the first Zionist Congress (1897), which was held in the Swiss city of Basel. In particular, among the 197 delegates 66 delegates from Russia. Later some of them became important figures in the Zionist movement, such as Leo Motzkin, Vladimir tiomkin, Herman Shapira, and others.


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The Russian Zionists, who advocated the resettlement of Jews, demanded the implementation of the draft settlements in Palestine (especially Jabotinsky), called for the organization of cultural programs in preparation for resettlement of Jews to Palestine, that is adhered to a pragmatic approach to the establishment of a national home for the Jews. In spite of all this debate within the Zionist movement did not lead to schisms, all the factions needed each other, the Russian Zionists were in need of the West to secure financial and political support, and the West needed the Russian Zionists, because they represent human capital.

It is appropriate to remember what was called “the Protocols of the elders of Zion”. The document was published in Russia, in particular, in order to be able to use to their advantage as the tsarist government, and Zionism. The atmosphere and climate of Russia have contributed to the emergence of ideas that formed the basis of the Zionist movement, any constraints were absent. Especially when you consider that in the XIX century was carried out by the Zionist meetings that formed the real preparation known to all world Zionist congresses.

Thus, it is not surprising that in Russia there is a return of the Zionist lobby, with the support of both sides — Israeli and Russian. The last Jewish conference, which was held with the participation of Israeli Minister of justice Ayelet shaked, Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow, Harry Koren and chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, became the eleventh Congress of the Jewish community or the Zionist lobby in Russia. Created by Russian Jews of the project “Limmud FSU” (Former Soviet Union) this year organized the largest Jewish conference in Russia, an important step in the activities of the Jewish community, which has continued for centuries since that moment in 1917 in Moscow was created the theater “Habima” — the first Jewish theatre in the world.

In the Zionist media, post messages in Hebrew, it’s rare, but only the Israeli Seventh channel covered the events at the conference. It was attended by journalist Heska Baruch, correspondent channel in the Russian capital, who watched the progress of each session and its participants. At the same time, it should be noted that the “Seventh channel” is one of the media of Russian immigrants living in Israel, who are also members of the Zionist movement, so the information on the website of the channel available including in Russian.

The channel published on its website information about the fact that the “Limmud FSU”, which inaugurated the eleventh Congress of the Jews of Russia in Moscow this year, has the purpose to acquaint Russian Jews with Israel and strengthen their Jewish identity. In numerous sessions of the conference took part more than two thousand Jews. According to the “Seventh channel”, the event became the largest event of recent years that can be considered as evidence that the conference will compete with the Jewish lobby in the United States. The founder of the project “Limmud FSU” Chaim Chesler said that the number of Jewish participants of the conference this year testifies to the vitality of the Jewish community in Russia, and she should be proud of their identity in the heart of Russia and to strengthen the cohesion of the Jews in the world and the struggle, especially in the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union!


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Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, said in an interview with “the Seventh channel” the following: “the Jews in Russia live in peace, and I wish to keep it that way. In Russia there is no anti-Semitism, the current situation is much better than the one that was for many years in the past. Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin didn’t care about the position or opinion of the Jews of Russia. Thus, Vladimir Putin is the first President of Russia, who drew attention to the Jewish community and began to worry about improving social and economic conditions of her life. He has always stressed that in Russia there is no anti-Semitism, he is also the first Russian President who fought anti-Semitism and currently continues to work on improving social and economic conditions of life of the community. Perhaps the eleventh Jewish Congress, with the participation of more than two thousand of the Jews is the best proof of their advancement in Russia now!”

In addition, Rabbi Berel Lazar noted that unlike the situation of Jews in Russia, the living conditions of Jews in other countries leave much to be desired. He’d like to see anti-Semitism was done all over the world that marine Le Pen was not elected to the presidency of France, and even if she’s elected, so she decided to leave the Jews in France. It is strange that Le Pen managed to score in the first round of the presidential elections in France the highest number of votes (24,38%) and pass to the second round, while macron has received 22,19% of the votes. It’s possible that Le Pen will win in the final round of the elections, but then the question arises — whether the Jews will be forced to leave France, as stated by Rabbi Berel Lazar, or is it just a joke?

For his part, Rabbi Menachem Cohen, a member of the “Limmud FSU”, said: “the Majority of those young Jews who were among the 2,500 participants of the conference, didn’t know what Judaism is. Most of them came for the first time, while their parents and grandparents were not present. This is a sign that the Jews of Russia will have a good future. Perhaps the problem of resettlement of the Jewish people may outweigh the security concerns of Israel. This issue affects Jews around the world and perhaps it is even more serious than the Iranian threat, if we can’t resettle the Jews, although many of them are traveling around the world and forget that they are Jews, so we must work to save the Jewish people!”.

It is strange that Rabbi Cohen does not list the obstacles to the resettlement of Jews in the world, speaking about them as a downtrodden minority, and not to mention their power and influence in most countries of the world, whether the US or their homeland Russia. He believes that Jews are persecuted wherever they were, despite the fact that his colleague Rabbi Berel Lazar acknowledged that the Jews in Russia live in a great social and economic conditions.

Journalists Zionist channel, closely associated with the Jewish community in Russia, met with Israeli Minister of justice, member of the radical party “Jewish home”, which said: “Russian-Zionist relations are experiencing the best of times, and Russian society is currently thriving and growing fast, helping to integrate the Jews living in Russia. In addition, Russia is considering Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel, which is a sign that it adopts the approach of the United States and is moving towards to move its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.”

Regarding Russian intervention in Syria, the Minister of justice said: “Russia will not allow Iran to control Syria and will not allow the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah and terrorist organizations, which confirms it has received from the Russian government a special message that Israel has the right to independently determine its interests and act according to them!”.

It is known that the official representation of the Zionist government, namely the presence at the conference of the Minister of justice Ayelet of Acid, as well as the Ambassador of Israel in Moscow intended to deepen relations between Russia and the Zionists, to form a new Jewish lobby, and also to show the importance of the dissemination of Jewish religious culture among young Jews who first participated in the conference. However, much more important for them is the emergence of new Jewish organizations, which can be used as a tool of pressure on governments. Is it possible that one day the Jewish lobby in Russia will become as influential as the Jewish lobby in the US?