New scandal with the family tramp: this time under attack Ivanka (photo)

Donald trump took office on January 20, and since then in America was not a peaceful day. Each new decree of the President causes an uproar and even becomes the reason for the protests. Recently trump has signed a decree to temporarily suspend entry into the United States citizens of seven countries, among whom were Syrian refugees. First, this decision was condemned by CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. In an open letter to partners, published on the website of the company, he talked about the fact that it will take to help people from other countries. For example, over the 5 years he’s going to employ about 10 thousand refugees in 75 countries where the company conducts its business – reports peopletalk.

And against immigration policies trump made the head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk, Apple CEO Tim cook and Google chief Sundar Pichai.

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Some companies have begun active actions. So, fashion chain Nordstrom has decided to end collaboration with the fashion brand the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump. Their actions, they commented: “this season we will not buy things of this brand. Due to the political decisions of the President sales have declined and we have removed the brand from their list on the website”.

By the way, this is not the first retailer who was working with a brand Ivanka Trump. Harsh words of her father have led to the emergence of the campaign #GrabYourWallet. Retailers and Bellacor also announced that they refuse to sell her stuff.

Recall that Ivanka trump is engaged in the fashion brand since 2007. It was originally released only jewelry and then clothing, shoes and accessories. Ivanka, by the way recently announced that her brand will now Abigail Terminal, she was appointed President of the company. Because Ivanka plans to devote time to their three young children who move to Washington and will go to a new school.

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Earlier it was reported that Ivanka trump is leaving her own fashion label.