How to get documents for the child to travel to Europe without visas

In anticipation bezveza many Ukrainians are already planning a family trip to Europe, and the most popular question on forums — how to properly execute documents on the child. “Today” has learned that the smallest need for visa-free travel.

THE PASSPORT ISSUE. For those planning a visa-free travel with children in the near future, you need to attend to the registration of biometric passport for the baby. If the child is over the age of 16, he could make a document for 10 years. For all who are younger, biometrics is issued for four years. The fingerprints of young travelers begin to take only 12 years, and to put the signature in the document 14. As for photos, children 12 years and older, as adults, have many service centers, and those who are younger, are allowed to bring a ready-made picture with me. But one of the most important things to consider when making the biometrics for the child: from the age of 14 this document is issued only in the presence of ID-passport.

“After 14-years of a child you simply will not accept documents for passport while the child is not issued an internal passport. You need to consider that the period of registration is about 20 days,” — noted in the EU delegation in Ukraine. The rest of the package of standard documents: birth certificate, receipt of services, identification code (if any), the old travel documents (if any), certificate of Ukrainian citizenship (if one of the parents is a foreigner). The issue price of the standard — 557 UAH, ordinary (20 working days) and 810 UAH — term (7 working days).

TO PASS THE BORDER. Rules for the young visa-free travellers are the same as for adults: at the border on demand, will need to show a return ticket, hotel reservation, sufficient funds for each day of travel in the EU and to explain the purpose of the trip. Teenagers over 16 may travel alone, and those who are younger, may leave the country unless accompanied by an adult. If a child rides one of the parents, with a need to have the consent notarized. “If one of the parents won’t sign consent, then the dispute resolved in court. The main thing — to prove that travel abroad is in the interests of the child”, — stated in the rules of the border. Without this permission you can do if one of the parents is a foreigner died, deprived of parental rights or were missing. However need proof of that.

The same young Ukrainians who are traveling without an adult (competitions, school trip), will have on the border to show permission from both parents, which will include the dates of your trip and the country, which gathered child. Also can ask the data of the accompanying person, if any, if not, an escort service can be enjoyed almost all carriers for a fee. The question price — from $25 to $95, depending on range and the availability of transplants.