Lutsenko commented on the lack of legal education

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko is ready to admit their mistakes in office, as from time to time due to the absence of legal education. He said this during a report in Parliament, reports

He noted that the work on the post of the public Prosecutor, and a heavy responsibility.

“I’m not inclined to joke when answering any of the activities of the GPU, it is too heavy and responsible position. Yes, I hampered by the lack of legal education, I must sometimes admit their mistakes,” – said Lutsenko.

Full version of speeches of the Prosecutor General in Parliament.

We will remind, a year ago, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill, which States that the attorney General can become a citizen of Ukraine who has higher education and work experience in the field of law or experience in legislative or law enforcement body for at least 5 years. These changes in some legislative acts allowed to Yury Lutsenko to take up the position.