While the White house is in chaos, Putin continues to win

Last week was very likely the most disputed in the first four months of the presidency of the trump.

We are faced with the disturbing story of The New York Times about how trump came close to obstruction of justice in an attempt to close an active FBI investigation against the former national security Advisor to the White house Michael Flynn. I think it is very alarming the fact that trump revealed the source of the intelligence provided by America’s close ally. And also the fact that in February 2017, he asked former FBI Director Jim Komi Republic to suspend the investigation of contacts of Michael Flynn with the Russians.

The more that we are still surrounded by speculation about collusion in the 2016 elections between trump and Russian officials. While these allegations remain unsubstantiated, the head of the State Department of the United States Rex Tillerson said recently: “I saw the intelligence reports… And Yes, I don’t think there’s any more questions regarding what the Russians have interfered in our electoral process.”

Of course, Russia, and the trump deny any wrongdoing. The President claimed that he has “absolute right” to share classified information, even when his aides denied this news the day before. But in spite of that, the message sounds loud and clear.

Putin has achieved its goal in the American political arena and on a larger scale, on the world stage.

Just before the President released classified information to the Russians, it became known that trump was thinking about “this issue with Russia,” when I made the decision to fire Jim Komi Republic. This, of course, was contrary to the command of the White house, which claimed that Komi was dismissed because of the methods of investigation pertaining to e-mail Hillary Clinton.

After a few days it became clear that trump was asked Komi Republic to terminate the investigation against the former national security adviser Michael Flynn. This prompted the Deputy attorney General of the Sort Rosenstein to appoint a special adviser to monitor the investigation into the alleged links between Russian officials and the election campaign trump.

In the words of trump, the appointment of a special adviser is a “witch hunt”, and it supposedly divides the country.

However, according to the latest poll WSJ/NBC News, the appointment of a special adviser is a singular issue on which public opinion is not at odds. 78% support an investigation by an independent Commission or special Prosecutor in connection with alleged links between campaign trump and Russian. Only 3% of Americans do not want to investigate when the trump of Russia. Choice of counsel — former FBI Director Robert Mueller also received almost unanimous support in Washington.

Leaving senatorial briefing with Rosenstein, Senator Lindsey Graham said that the investigation against Russia “is now considered a criminal investigation.”

Become aware of the facts of concern. Not due to the fact that the investigation can tell about Russia’s intervention in elections, but because of the chaos in the White house, it shows.

Almost no matter what the investigation reveals, because in the end, Putin has already achieved his goal in the American political arena and, more broadly, on the world stage.

From the beginning the administration of an unprecedented trump went towards Russia. After the eulogies addressed to the President of Russia during his election campaign, trump has appointed the closest ally of Russia, Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of state, the highest diplomatic post of the country. Putin awarded Tillerson the “Order of Friendship” in 2013.

Trump’s meeting with Lavrov was the first since 2013 when Russia was welcomed in the White house: the Obama administration repeatedly denied the Russian audience in the oval office. For Putin, this meeting was a PR victory. When the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Lavrov ridiculed the White house for the chaos after the dismissal of the Komi Republic, received a secret anti-terrorism data intelligence, he showed the world that the insulation has failed. Russia has returned to the world stage. A leading player in the new emerging world order, in order to establish which Putin has to maneuver quickly.

The fact that Lavrov has avoided pressure on two key issues that exacerbate U.S.-Russian relations — Ukraine and the accusations of hacking into the elections, the Russians once again confirms that trump only helps Putin, preferring the so-called “Alliance” the national interests of the United States.

Meanwhile, while America froze in his position on the world stage, Russia has successfully promoted across the European continent from the Baltic to the Balkans. And under Putin Russia is anti-Western, anti-democratic and unpredictable. Position that what’s even more disturbing, is gaining support from many Western countries.

As soon as the liberal world order is disintegrating, and America’s global leadership is declining, Putin is building a new world order with Russia at the helm.