The President Duterte: “trust can only be China and Russia”

During the meeting with Russian media, held on the eve of talks with President Putin scheduled for may 25, the President of the Philippines Duterte stated that he does not exclude the possibility of creating, with Russia and China military Alliance. He also stressed that trust can only be to those countries. On USA Duterte has fallen with sharp criticism.

An interview with the Philippine leader on may 22 published by the news Agency TASS. Commenting on relations with the United States, the President of Duterte said: “We bought American weapons to maintain the geopolitical balance. Nevertheless, the United States imposed its demands: human rights and so forth.” He stated that the Philippines did not like such actions of Washington, it was therefore decided not to buy more weapons in the United States.

In this Duterte said: “Like Russia, we are fighting with armed groups”. Thus he expressed his intention to purchase the equipment for reconnaissance, small arms, helicopters and other equipment of Russian production.

Experts believe that during the meeting with President Putin, the President of Duterte agree on comprehensive cooperation in the field of military technology. While according to Russian media, this will be the first such agreement between Russia and the Philippines, which historically was part of the US sphere of influence.

Duterte asked a question that he had previously raised the issue of concluding a military Alliance with Russia and China. Duterte said that the world is in an extremely dangerous situation, reiterating that he does not exclude the possibility of creating a military Alliance with Russia and China. Then he said, as snapped: “all over the world can trust only Russia and China.”

Commenting on relations with the United States, the Philippine leader said that the US should cease to give his country aid and at the same time to give orders. According to him, he refused to attend the inauguration ceremony of the President of trump because he is going to visit Russia.

As for the person trump, the President of Duterte said: “Sometimes he appreciates my steps. Our opinions are the same”. In addition, it seemed that Duterte expressed concern about trump, noting that since the rights of the American leader is limited by Congress, he has to face various difficulties.