Why the Republicans do not insist on the investigation against trump

The emergence of information about that President, trump demanded that the FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) to terminate the investigation of the case of Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), has strengthened calls for a more active investigation and the appointment of a special Prosecutor. Those calls come from all sides except the most important — high-ranking congressional Republicans.

This is a sensational message based on the memo, drafted Komi, has heightened concern among Republicans on Capitol hill and triggered new applications in the address of the Komi Republic with the requirement to testify. But the Republican leaders, it seems, has not caused the desire to act more actively and aggressively. Their position causes confusion among the Democrats, political analysts and many media representatives, who are constantly wondering what is going to happen, to leading Republicans refused to trump, given the deepening in the White house, chaos and its influence on the political agenda?

But as you study the political landscape and the situation with the investigation the Republicans claim that they have good reason not to arrange anything that, in their opinion, would cause confusion that would be detrimental to themselves and undermined the position of Donald trump and his administration.

Here are some of these reasons.

The lack of evidence to support the existence of conspiracy

Senior Republicans in the Senate Committee on intelligence and outside the state that, despite the attention to the relations of the President, they have as yet no conclusive evidence that trump during the presidential campaign, acted in collusion with the Russians. Without such evidence, the Republicans do not want to participate in the bombing of the positions of trump.

Any documentary evidence or other operational information, indicating the presence of such collusion could drastically change their position, given that the Republicans like majority leader the Senator from Kentucky Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) consider Russia a dangerous opponent.

An ongoing investigation

Republicans in the House of representatives and in the Senate say that the investigations being conducted by committees on intelligence and other committees, more than enough.

Even Democrats commend the Republicans in charge of the committees and commissions, for serious and credible investigation — although they are not as fast as the Democrats would like.

Republicans claim that the appointment of a special Prosecutor could complicate their investigation. “I don’t think it will happen,” — said Tuesday the Senator from Wyoming and a member of the leadership of the Republican party John Barrasso (John Barrasso).

Failing to comply with demands for democracy

The Republicans do not want to accept any demands of the Democrats. What is the point to lead the House of representatives and the Senate, if we agree with furious calls of Democrats to appoint a special Prosecutor or a special Committee?

According to the Republicans, the Democrats are busy countering the new administration to stop the President and his party at the time when they still proceed to the legal consolidation of its priorities in the tax and budget spheres. It is they, the Republicans, won election in November and all in charge here, not the leader of the Democrats Senator from new York Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer).

Strengthening positions among their supporters

Republicans understand that if they come out against trump, the risk to alienate voters who made him President — the voters who will be vital to the Republican party during the midterm elections.

Although Democrats and more independent voters has strengthened its position, acting against trump, the conservatives in “red States” which provide a majority in the House of representatives and in the Senate remain his loyal supporters. The Republicans are guided by the same considerations and their desire to spend their bill on health care — they need to reassure their supporters even though they are risking to alienate the other blocks of voters.

Distrust of the media

Republicans don’t trust many representatives of the media and think the media are the Institute which decided to undermine the position of President-stranger in exchange for clicks, and subscriptions to websites.

They see news organizations work together with the forces that actively seek to destabilise (and even destroy) the first Republican administration in eight years. On Wednesday the theme was picked up by the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan).

“It is obvious that there are some people who want to harm the President,” he told reporters.

Trump is doing a good job and lives up to expectations

Like many voters in their States and districts, the GOP congressmen are happy with the measures taken by the administration to trump the issues of immigration, crime-fighting, trade and deregulation. They perceive the President is not as his ardent critics.

“In this process, he, as I, an outsider, who came from the outside. And I have to say, I give him high marks for the first four months of his stay in office, said Tuesday in an interview with Fox News channel, Senator David Perdue (David Perdue), a Republican from Georgia and an ally of trump. Is the President, who begins to restore America’s national interests”.

Concerns in connection with the possible appointment of a special Prosecutor

Republicans still skeptical about the fact that the consent to the appointment of a special Prosecutor to somehow reduce the intensity of emotions and counterbalance the bitter controversy around the White house.

In fact, they fear that the movement in this direction can only aggravate the situation, raising the credibility of the allegations against trump and others and maybe tightening the investigation until after the midterm elections and for a longer period, despite the fact that Republicans do not have much opportunity to control neither the pace nor the results.

Republicans on their own experience with bill and Hillary Clinton know how long and seem to be endlessly unable to continue special investigation.

The ability to solve the problem yourself

Last month, the issue of costs showed that the Republicans in Congress can engage in the legislative work “to bypass the President.” They seem to be again moving in this direction, are increasingly ignoring the calls of the administration to reduce budget expenditures and developing legislation in the tax sphere and in the sphere of healthcare “behind closed doors”. If they will have to engage in lawmaking without the President, they will try to do so.

All this does not mean that in matters relating to trump the tipping point for the Republicans came, and it is possible that they approach it. According to Republicans from among the representatives of the government, new circumstances and information to support the statements of Komi, can lead to destructive consequences.

But on Wednesday, Mr. Ryan reiterated the position of his party, saying that “before you leap to conclusions,” the Republican-led Congress intends to “obtain all necessary information”.

“Our challenge is to act responsibly, calmly, reasonably and solely focus on collecting facts,” he said.

The interests of the Republican congressmen and Donald trump are still too closely linked to fear of serious schism. And while this relationship remains unchanged, it will not change the position of the majority Republicans.