In Ukraine jump in prices for dairy products – expert

In January-February, prices for dairy products in Ukraine will increase by about 10%. This forecast was voiced ispolnitelnyj Director of the Economic discussion club Oleg Pendzin, transfers “observer”.

“For the last time we see the significant growth of prices for dairy products. The growth leader in this group of goods is butter, which is from December 2015 to December 2016 have increased in price over 40%. But over the last month oil has risen by five hryvnia per kilogram and continues to rise. Two or three hryvnia per liter, added milk, three hryvnia rose cheese and sour cream”, he said.

As stressed Pendzin, in Ukraine there are objective reasons for the rise in price of dairy products.

“There are objective points are the reduction of livestock, and accordingly, the quantity of raw milk. The problem is that 90% of raw milk produced in the households of the population, not by industrial method. As soon as we have deteriorating weather conditions, changing the diet of the animals reduces the amount of milk that people pass. Reduction of raw milk leads to a decrease in output of dairy products. It presses on the market, the product rises in price”, — summed up the expert.

Recall that the dairy products have become lideram price increase in December. In addition, in the last month of 2016, significantly raised the price of social bread.