That card will offer Erdogan

“They are scratching their heads over what to do, what to offer Turkey not to lead her into an even greater rage.” These are the words of one of those close to Erdogan officers serving in the Presidential Palace.

This week our attention will be confined to Washington. President Erdogan for the first time to meet face to face with the President of the United States trump. Erdogan, speaking about the importance that he ascribes to the meeting, said: “This is not a comma, it will be a point”. The meaning of the signal is obvious: “Or we’ll be back in the White house, getting us the desired results, or experience other consequences.”

When I ponder the question of what a bargain Erdogan will lead a trump, talked with individuals who can know it, I have become known for another kind of information not less important.

Trump will make the following suggestions

One source of Beştepe (district Ankara where is the official residence of the President of Turkey — approx. TRANS.) noted that trump, that, in his words, “does not lead Turkey into an even greater rage”, will sit at the negotiating table with some counter-proposals.

These proposals we can summarize in four points.

1. We take the Party “Democratic Union” (PYD) / people’s protection Units (YPG) from Manuja and ensure the placement groups are supported by Turkey (Free Syrian army).

Recall that the question of exemption Manliga the U.S. side long ago gave Ankara an open promise, but to date has not been fulfilled.

If this materializes, we can expect that the dreams of the YPG in the West of the Euphrates will be a serious blow.

2. We will make every effort to sever ties with the PYD Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), and after will help Turkey to come into contact with PYD.

3. We ensure that the weapon is “the Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG) (the term used by Americans to camouflage YPG) for operations in raqqa, do not fall into the hands of the PKK.

4. We guarantee that in the new order that will arise after Stripping LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), education “state of the PKK” will not be approved.

Keywords Salih Muslim

In these conditions we can assume that the Americans are doing some maneuvers to “create a suitable climate”.

And one way to do this is to the extent possible, to prepare the ground, forced to speak a prepared person about those moments in which you are going to bargain.

This time there was something like that? Yes.


Let us heed the words of the leader of the PYD Salih Muslim (Salih Müslim), who yesterday gave an interview to radio station “Voice of America”: “YPG — the protective power Rozhava (Syrian Kurdistan — approx. TRANS.). This is a group that protects Rojava, and the power of Syria, which is part of the SDG. Moreover, in the future it may become a nucleus around which to focus the various forces of Syria. The PKK is another. They have their own methods, but never weapons will not fall to the PKK. I think that those who give weapons, take steps in this direction, will receive reasonable assurance”.

The words of Salih Muslim, coincide with several of the items named source in the Presidential Palace, who shared with us the above information, saying: “trump will give it to Erdogan”.

If so, we can assume that one or more American officials persuaded the leader of the PYD to make these statements.

Turning to the American press, you can see that members of the PYD, if it’s not a conspiracy, there are serious concerns regarding the conclusions of the meeting of Erdogan and trump.

For example, one of the leaders of the PYD Blue Muhammad (Sinem Muhammed) in an interview with New York Times asks: “When we win this war (we are talking about operations in raqqa), America will obey the pressure of the Turks and leave us, in spite of this sacrifice?”

“At the table — ally on the battlefield — schemer”

Let’s leave the words of members of the PYD and go back to our main topic. As these proposals that trump could make the meeting at the White house, perceive Erdogan?

We are primarily concerned about this issue. But there is also another problem.

The Americans, who at the negotiating table very generous promises, on the battlefield did very little in order to show that they keep those promises.

Relations between Ankara and Washington in the context of Syria is mainly developed in the form: “to Promise, to gain time, to postpone the immediate threat, but on the battlefield to act on their own”.

This state of distrust properly summarize the words of agriculture Minister Faruk Celik (Faruk Çelik): “at the table — ally on the battlefield schemer”.

Most of all this distrust is experiencing the President Erdogan.

Therefore, after meeting with trump, which will be a “point”, the Turkish President himself wishes to see its impact on the battlefield.

We can’t imagine that a man like Erdogan, will easily refuse from trump “suddenly in the night…”, when talking about PKK / YPG.