Bed bugs live with humans for 11 thousand years old – scientists

Bed bugs have plagued people of 11 thousand years ago. It found the scientists, who published their study in the journal of Medical Entomology.

Previously, the oldest evidence of living bed bugs next to the man was bedbug 3,500 years old. It was found in Egypt a few decades ago.

According to new research revealed that there are even more ancient testimonies in the Paisley caves in North America. About 11 thousand years ago in these caves people lived. Among found in caves fossil was a fossil representative of the genus Cimex, bed bugs.

However, as concluded entomologists, the ancient mites likely fed on the blood of bats, who also lived in caves than human.

Now scientists have to figure out why these parasites were not interested in people and why they were not outside of the caves. It is noted that the finding allows to conclude that, over the last Millennium bugs have not undergone significant changes, and the climate has not changed much.