One of the biggest problems in Ukraine are investigating each case of infection doctors coronavirus

“For us it is very important,” – said the Minister of health

In Ukraine, recorded de 10 406 laboratory-confirmed cases COVID-19, coronavirus fell ill more than two thousand physicians. In the country are investigating each case of disease of the medical staff. This was stated by the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov in a broadcast on Ukrainian television.

“We have 2063 cases of coronavirus disease, is 19.8% of all who are sick with coronavirus. For me, this is one of the biggest problems,” he said.

The Minister added that every day gets information about which hospital contracted providers, where is this hospital, what is the number infected.

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“Every complaint we carry out an epidemiological investigation. For us it is very important” – summed Stepanov.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine the death rate from coronavirus above average in 7 areas. Also in Ukraine from the coronavirus more men die than women, and people aged over 50 years.

Recall that the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has decided that physicians who treat patients with COVID-19, will receive 300% bonuses. It contributed 15.7 billion UAH, which should be enough for three months – until the end of June. Why doctors still did not feel the increase in wages – visit the website Today.

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