Trump will soon begin to resolve the Ukrainian question

The photo shoot of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin met with U.S. President Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence became the main event of this week of international life in the information field of Ukraine. First, though fleeting meeting, a senior Ukrainian official with the new leadership of our chief ally in the confrontation with Russia, of course, is a major event. First and foremost, for the Ukrainian leadership.

However, it has eclipsed much more important event in the United States, which may have consequences for Ukraine.

We are talking about the decision of Donald trump to dismiss the head of the FBI James Komi. Whose letter to the U.S. Congress on the resumption of the “post cases” against Hillary Clinton ten days before the presidential election, in her opinion, it was worth the victory. Then trump, commenting on the event, noted that FBI Director Komi is “guts”. “The inner core”, so to speak. Naturally, the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump is very welcomed this decision of the Komi Republic in the autumn of last year. Now, however, being already President of the United States, exposed as the main reason for the dismissal… Cognitive dissonance.

But the real reason, according to most analysts, with which I agree, is, of course, the investigation that leads the FBI about the relationship of the environment trump with the government bodies of the Russian Federation during the presidential campaign in 2016 in the context of the Kremlin’s interference in the election.

And, apparently, the case is gaining momentum. In the leading periodicals of the American press immediately appeared in the article, citing sources in the White house — say, almost immediately after the inauguration of Donald trump at the meeting of the Komi required to “swear allegiance” in the realities of Ukrainian politics. But he refused. And then more than once.

From my point of view, this resignation is far more than the scandalous dismissal of the former national security Advisor Mike Flynn. And also, incidentally, in the context of Kremlingate.

So “coincidence” that the decision to dismiss the head of the FBI, Donald trump took a few days before the arrival of the head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. At the meeting with Rex Tillerson, according to official reports, it was planned to discuss, in particular, solutions to the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts. Coincidence? I don’t think.

Just team trump resorted to the already proved their effectiveness earlier tactics of distraction from the “Russian” scandal within the United States by trying to “solve” the next conflict. First it was a rocket attack on the airport in Syria, despite Russian air defense systems, just shortly after the American media became aware that the FBI is investigating the case of relations with Russian and son-in-law, and part and chief adviser of the American President, Jared Kushner.

Almost immediately thereafter on the first wave of media and political success, and trump sends an American fleet to the coast of North Korea. And now all the world’s media, including the U.S., to discuss the threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula. And the investigation, meanwhile, continues.

And then, in my opinion, trump simply lost his nerve. The resignation of the Komi Republic is already in full swing being used by the Democrats in the information campaign about the “inevitable future” impeach trump. After all, even Nixon never allowed during the “Watergate case”!

Negative reaction this decision, it should be noted, and have led to parts of the Republican establishment. Yes, and society as a whole. But the main consequence for trump is, I think, the deepening of the deterioration of relations not only with representatives of the U.S. intelligence community, but intelligence in General. It is on the middle level, which is investigating Kremligate, and constantly “leaking” details of the investigation to the press.

Accordingly, to distract the American public from such high-profile events, the administration trump took over the “permission” of another international conflict. This time the Russian-Ukrainian. To create a corresponding PR entourage, as it turned out soon, Washington was urgently summoned to the Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.

If to speak seriously about the outcome of the talks with Lavrov Tillerson and Klimkin’s meeting with Mike Pence (both the meeting with trump was purely ceremonial in nature), it is necessary to emphasize several key moments.

The main positive for us is that the state Department formally reiterated that without settlement of the conflict in the Donbas improve U.S.-Russian relations, not to mention the lifting of the sanctions should be expected.

A key result of a positive meeting with Lavrov Tillerson — the official statement about the planned meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Donald trump on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in July. Now, after the euphoria and hysteria “Trampas” in the Russian media, which lasted several months, and then replaced it a total disappointment, with the culmination after the missile strike a “Tomahawk” missile defense system of the Russian Federation in Syria, the Kremlin can only hope that the personal meeting between the presidents will be able to somehow change the situation in the bilateral relations.Which are not improved with the arrival of trump, as hoped throughout Russia.

So now, in my opinion, the “Ukrainian question” for the administration to trump in the coming months will be much higher priority than previously. Because of all the three conflicts (Syrian, North Korean and Ukrainian) in the conflict in the Donbass involved the least number of global and regional players. Or rather, only one — Russia. And therefore it is easier to solve. So we are waiting for further developments.