In the French rating, La Liste included 20 Russian restaurants

Monday, December 5, French rating, La Liste, which includes a thousand of the best restaurants in the world, presented his edition of 2017 the List is headed by Guy Savoy (Paris). Second place in the ranking are occupied by two restaurants: Le Bernardin (new York) and Minato (Tokyo). The list also included 20 Russian restaurants, of which White Rabbit (Moscow) and Europa (Saint-Petersburg) received the highest score.

La Liste calls himself a “rating the ratings”. In 2014, the French chefs, alarmed by the attack of the British rating of The 50 Best have decided to create your own list. For this was created by a algorithm that takes into account the rating of the famous gourmet guides (e.g., Michelin), sites that provide the visitors of the restaurants (Tripadviser), as well as articles in the press. Based on this material, the algorithm produces a rating based on 100 points. It is not a chef, and a restaurant. So, guy Savoy, who scored in the highest rating points — 99,75 — came to the award ceremony with the entire team and forced her to come up on stage. The highest score for the Russian restaurants — 86,25. It has got two restaurants: White Rabbit (Moscow) and Europa (St. Petersburg).

This year the rating goes for the second time. In addition, to the date of the announcement of the winners coincide with the release of the eponymous app, where in addition to thousands of restaurants La Liste you can find 10 thousand restaurants Best Values. For him, the same algorithms were selected bistros and restaurants for the best ratio of quality and price. The app is already today available for IOS and will soon be available for Android. A French edition was critical of the new rating, noting the absence of a deserved high reputation of the author’s restaurants, such as David Toutain and La Grenouillère. Platform gastronomic news Atabula also noted that, in criticizing The 50 Best for opacity, choice, La Liste however, is even more opaque system of selection of winners.

About how exactly the French rating reflects the Russian gastronomic situation, we asked Natalia Marzoeva, President of the Russian gastronomic seasons in Europe, which helped in its drafting his expert assessment.

Natalia Marzoeva: the list includes restaurants that are already in the guide and mentioned in different sources and publications in Russia. Among them are restaurants that are known for the huge number of people — this Twins, White Rabbit and Savva restaurant, restaurant “Sakhli” — a completely different format. From St. Petersburg, I know, entered the hotel and restaurant Europa. As you can see, here we are not talking about the chefs and the restaurants, unlike Michelin or Gault Millau. This guide talks about restaurants as a single organism, which provides some the kitchen, some for in the kitchen.

Taken into account classification guides are the criteria of TripAdvisor, Menu, and other sources that take into account the opinions of visitors and displays the arithmetic mean.

RFI: do you think Russian gastronomy scene this rating reflects?

— I think that reflects, but not fully. There are restaurants that were worthy to be in this guide, but wasn’t — to understand why, we must look at how we have held this classification and scores are given. Of course, there are things to be improved. It is also necessary to take into account that La Liste there the second year it will be still further developed and refined. The fact that the first thousand were more than 20 Russian restaurants, this is a good sign. Plus it is necessary to add that Russian restaurants are among 10,000 restaurants with the correct ratio and check the quality. They can be, and is not included in the first thousand, but mentioned they will use and tourists and business to St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities.

You come to the application, score the city of Moscow, and you immediately issued a huge number of restaurants, which can be gourmet and expensive, but which, in their opinion, the right balance of price and quality. This is a very handy guide — it is convenient because it takes into account all of the country. Thanks to this application, people can find restaurants that have already been integrated into all guides of the country.

— In addition to Moscow and St. Petersburg there are some Russian cities?

— Taken into account Sochi and other cities, there are suburban restaurants — La Сolline, for example. Last year he was the only one that was included in the list La Liste, but this year they are much more.