Top 8 stereotypes about women who replicate the Ukrainian media

The media often sin that, highlighting the work of women (especially when it occupies a high managerial positions), discussing her charms, clothing, age and the like. Traditionally women have asked how to raise children and the recipe of a favorite dish, but the man – how to rule the country and projections for the next five years. And this is considered “normal”.
However, all this leads to the perpetuation of stereotypes about the “traditional role of women” – kitchen-family-children as well as inability to make important political decisions, to lead senior positions in Parliament, to do business. Below are examples of top 8 stereotypical sexist headlines that were published by the leading Ukrainian media.

Stereotype number 1. Clothing and appearance

“Year Gontareva: uggs and short skirts” (24 channel)
One of the most common mistakes journalists to describe the clothes of a woman politician instead of her Affairs. So what was inside the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva in Davos not only be informed lazy journalist.
In mass media periodically there are corruption stories, how much is the watch of a Deputy, but they have a different tone – emphasized status and wealth men. But the scenes of women – it all comes down to the fact that high in politics by the taste (or no taste) to dress up.

Stereotype number 2. Specify the age, hinting at the immaturity

“The network was much discussion of a new Deputy Avakov – 24-year-old beauty” (KP in Ukraine)

Age is another traditional mistake of the media. On the Deputy interior Minister on European integration Anastasia Deev – except as scandalous photos and the age – for a long time there was nothing else to read in the media and social networks.
To consider in a woman only such “compound” like appearance, age, clothes – means to broadcast distrust of her professionalism and knowledge.
This affects not so much the female politician, about which they write (as it has already proved its worth), how many loved ones you women who are forced in their daily work to withstand the pressure of stereotypes. Which had a hand, and media representatives.

The head of OO “Amazing” Maria Nasedkina: “the Low percentage of women in politics, in Parliament … it all begins with the family as the basic duty of women is taking care of the family … was such a situation when I said,” you’re so young, you grow up a bit, and then we’ll sit down with you – let’s talk.” And I told people 10 years older than me”.

Stereotype No. 3. Jokes about blonde

“32-year-old blonde became the acting Chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration”(

When the scandal surrounding the hair color of Julia Svetlichnaya was gaining momentum, I quickly counted the number of headlines with the phrase “32-blonde”. The news came out about 50 titles in Ukrainian and about 100 titles in Russian. Indeed, this is the most important thing to know Kharkiv – what hair color will their mayor?

A social activist, former acting head of the Odessa regional state administration Salome Bobrovskaya: “women who get into politics, there is a special interest to participate in political life. If you see today is a slice of the Parliament, regional councils, local councils, women are mostly speakers, they present the positions of the factions, not afraid to Express, finally, my opinion. They are active, they engage in dialogue, they argue. And it’s great!”.

Stereotype No. 4. Recommend to marry

“Gerashchenko:” a Trojan horse” Savchenko’s time to get married” (to do)

Their sexist remarks is remembered and people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. In an interview with “Корреспондент.net” Anton Gerashchenko suggested that Nadezhda Savchenko “to marry and to give birth, and not to engage in politics.” What the media did not hesitate to write over and over again.

Leading Juliana Pchelkina: “Woman in Ukraine has the right to do what she wants and can. I do not judge good or bad politician Nadezhda Savchenko. But Anton Gerashchenko is not the best politician, if he allows himself to such sexist remarks. And it’s really a shame!”.

Stereotype No. 5. To compare the phenomenon with women

“Spectacular Holodnitsky: “I’m not a girl, to me to something to force” (Ukrainian Pravda)

Did not think about sexism and the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky, in an interview, “Ukrainian truth”. And when he pointed to the inadmissibility of such statements, instead of an apology Holodnitsky began awkwardly excuses and again drowned: “… we have a journalist was the men’s conversation. I wanted it was simple and clear”, – said the head of the comments in the “Commander in chief”.

The team of the project “Respect – campaign against sexism” explained the danger of such public statements: “the Words” I’m not the girl to me to something to force” have overtones that could and should girls be forced to junk them for actions or circumstances. It is not only a vivid expression of disrespect to women, but the justification of violence against them.”

Stereotype No. 6.With their success, the woman is bound to her husband

“Lutsenko’s wife has explained why the Chairman of the BPP cannot become a public Prosecutor” (New time)

The attribution of kinship ties with influential men another trend in the media. The fact that a woman can succeed only with men’s support, is rarely questioned. And as soon as from at least a hint of the husband (father, lover, uncle) – with a sigh of relief: “Well, Yes, of course! With such a man!”.

MP Svetlana wojciechowska: “In books there is no historical example of women, successful women, well, except for Olga, perhaps … For the last century you will not find a single example of successful women, we have men successful, women … it’s In the middle tier and some women . But at the highest level where people make decisions, mostly men. That is, a priori, a woman can’t make decisions … “.

Stereotype No. 7. The division into female and male professions

“Army women? Ukrainian girls more among the military “(Facts. ICTV)

Not a problem in the media to show the different roles of women in government, business, the army. But the threat of emphasis. To break down stereotypes, media should inform, to explain, and not to shock and scare “women.”
Also traditionally, one of the female functions – to take care of. And if at the meeting there is a woman, often it expect that it will take minutes to care if all the hot coffee, and it is desirable to “not interfere”.

The people’s Deputy Maria Ionova: “Women MPs first raised the issue of reforming the Ministry of defense, bringing the principles of its operation to NATO standards. We have changed one of the orders, which was forbidden profession for women, and have returned from the list 63 of them, including combat. Interesting fact. According to a study conducted by the Ministry of youth and sports, male athletes spent more resources than women, but women get more medals and awards … “.

Stereotype No. 8. Because the woman …

“The first woman mayor in the history of Priluki” (Bulletin of the Chernihiv)

It’s a “normal” headline for most media. And now the game Vice versa. Imagine this news headline: “a President of a neighboring country was an elderly balding man”. Doubtful. Meanwhile, the number of headlines about the mayor of some town was a woman – just rolls over.
To criticize the decisions that led to bad consequences in the country is a function of the journalist. However, to blame the sins, because a woman, or be surprised that some high office was held by a woman – it is primitive. Women in politics are very few, and they are all at a glance.

MP Svetlana wojciechowska: “Actually I never said that you can’t hold this position – just because you’re a woman. But my candidacy was never considered for the position … And you have somewhere to go and start from scratch, reminding myself that “I can.”
The consequences of such stereotypes, which are replicated with surprising speed, the woman needs to constantly prove that she is able to take a position, to be successful and be successful in your profession and not only as a wife, mother of three children.

Fencer, Olympic champion Olga Harlan: “In fact, competition in fencing among women, no one even considered a sport. It was somehow unclear. I was a fencer for four years when the Olympics in fencing on swords for the first time won the woman. Event when the American athlete won the first gold Olympic medal, made a splash. We, their results proved that the contact must be considered, and that we should pay attention.”

5 tips how to avoid sexism in articles

Use your statistics. Preparing a material, remember the eloquent figures in relation to women and it will be your iron argument for the editor. For example, 90% of victims of domestic violence – women and children. On average women earn 30% less than men. In the Ukrainian Parliament represented only 12% of women …

Invite comment women experts – about politics, government, economy, business, and not only about the medical or educational field.

About gender issues let say women themselves through their own history. Not put in its submission, the condescending accents.

Rule to the contrary. I would like to ask a woman you’d say about the men? You’d say the MP, who are his children, when he discusses the bill in the Parliament? What color of hair is the mayor, who won the local elections? Don’t ask about it the woman.

Ask yourself. Forget for a moment about the ratings of your publication or show, the number of Sarov in the network and views the news on the website, and answer one short question:

– if you are a female: if I feel comfortable with when kicking me out to wash dishes instead I finished the article or have a lot of tape?
– if you are a male: if I feel comfortable, when my mother or wife is sent to wash the dishes, instead she took action, as a Director of the company or at the head of the civil service?
If you answered yourself honestly, you will have to avoid sexist stereotypes in their materials.

Irina the Virtos, information Center on human rights