Ukraine wants to build a cyber defence in conjunction with the EU

Ukraine has offered the European Union to accede to the future EU strategy in the field of cybersecurity. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin told reporters in Brussels after the informal meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs of the countries of the European Union.

“We talked about defense aspects. For example, I suggested that Ukraine became a part of the future strategy of the European Union in the field of cybersecurity. We have something to offer. Our experience is very much appreciated. And the upcoming Estonian presidency will seek to agree this strategy in the next six months,” – said Klimkin.

As you know, from 1 July the EU presidency will be transferred from Malta to Estonia.

Recall Klimkin also said that the foreign Ministers of countries-EU members at an informal luncheon “Friends of Ukraine in the EU + Ukraine” agreed on the continuation of sanctions against Russia.

Info on widespread virus attackthat targeted the computers c Windows in at least 70 countries around the world, appeared at the end of the working week, may 12. The virus attacked almost 150 thousand machines across the globe.

The virus spreads to computers running Windows. The program uses a Windows vulnerability and blocks the login treba from the user to pay $ 300 to $ 600 in bitcoins for access to data.

As reported, hackers have circumvented the blocking of the virus-the extortioner. While “Today” has gathered simple guidelines on how to protect your computer from dangerous virus.