Country (Ukraine): the European Union has closed its project in Ukraine

As I wrote, the EU has radically changed its attitude to Ukraine, acknowledging the failure to reform our country towards European values. The project is closed.

The EU now considers Ukraine as simply a source of cheap labour, raw materials appendage, market and buffer state. And nothing more.

Actually, the main purpose of the recent visit of the chief EU diplomat in Ukraine Mr. Borrell was bringing to the Ukrainians of this sad fact.

Here’s a quote:

“As I told President Zelensky, the European Union is not a charity or ATM. The best way to support Ukraine for us is to help reform the country, but to implement these reforms Ukrainians can only themselves.”

Well, we ourselves, alas, to reform itself are not able to. We can only either maintain the current status quo, i.e. failed state, or to destroy ourselves that we, in fact, do massively running up to work in all directions.

The circle is closed. Or rather, everything was back to normal.

The inevitability of this result, I wrote after the victory of Maidan in the midst of euphoria, when people joyfully ran to vote for Poroshenko. The worst-case scenario for reform could not even come up, but the plebs can flog anything. Even proprietary thief Poroshenko as a great reformer.

Well, the election Zelensky President – it is the quintessence, the apotheosis of mob rule.

Ochlocracy is not known to be able to any reforms. Ochlocracy is not even able to clearly articulate their problems, not to solve them. Ochlocracy is a concentrated form of populism and demagoguery.

So, soon we will become disgusted with themselves.