Sensitive issue: Anita Lutsenko told how to safely stop breastfeeding

Fitness trainer and a young mother Anita Lutsenko finished feeding his little daughter MIA breast and Instagram told how to do it painlessly.

“She stopped breast feeding. Shooting all night 50 miles from Kiev in the lead led to the decision to end the peace of the moment,” she said.

When is Anita noted that no daily training, no food (no nuts, cookies, rolls, bananas, milk and TP) never bad influence on lactation.

“Any formula for 10 months. Feeding on demand. All shooting next to me. I would have said, “I milk a mother”, so MIA was ahead all sizes and weight,” said the coach.

Anita wrote that breast-feeding in addition to use – it is also very convenient, because no need to carry a variety of jars with mixtures.

Deciding on the abandonment feeding your daughter breast-Lutsenko told, was a turning point.

“MIA cried in the night 5 times, the mom in the next room reviled her. And the next night it stopped. 2 waking up a bottle with my milk (namorozila it in sachets-can be stored for 6 months were prepared in advance for this). Then due to the fact that I arrived much milk when crying… sent to my parents to sleep 3 more nights. There are no problems at all. Before that bottle night, was unreal to be lapped, the nipple didn’t take 2 months”, – said Anita.

The result is a young mother came to the following conclusions:

1. MIA did not notice the change!
2. Sleep – heaven!
3. Harder to chest my mom! It is a gesture.
4. A pill to stop lactation was not going to drink, but had to, since my Breasts are “strong and persistent”.
5. Use a mixture of nanny.
6. To Express the love and care you can still in a thousand ways and not lose any contact.
7. Stories about the tug of the breast is a horror. Stone age. Harm to yourself. In shock from the stories and from what the doctors too in shock, but it goes on. In short nothing needs to win.
8. Sisi was blown away, but it’s not as bad as imagined. A little more steel than before and the elasticity is not terrible, I think only time heals.