How to learn about the sexual life of a woman by the way she walks: the scientists said

Researchers say that during the conduct of complex experiments, doctors were able to determine the gait, how active is the sexual life of women, according to

It should be noted that the initiators of integrated experiments were employees of the clinical centre, located in Belgium. According to doctors, between the quality of intimacy and women’s gait there is a close relationship. In the process of conducting research, the experts stated that the fairer sex who lead an active sexual life, walking freely and relaxed.


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In addition, psychologists have shown that these girls make a bigger step than sexually unsatisfied ladies. The authors of the projects from the Institute of sexuality and the family Louvain-La-Neuve argue that the implementation of tests, scientists analysed the videos, in which women were walking down the street.

According to researchers, women who are sexually active, you feel more confident in society.