How to store eggs: the refrigerator door has called the worst place

The refrigerator door is recognized as the worst place to store eggs. This was reported by British experts.

In their view, better to put eggs on the middle shelf, where constant temperature, reports the Daily Mail.

The newspaper notes that the problem is initially triggered heated debates, but then the experts all agreed. Experts magazine Good Housekeeping said that eggs should be kept in original containers on the middle shelf, to prevent frequent temperature fluctuations when the door is opened. As noted by the editor, Sarah Benwell, it is also the fact that the door is the warmest place.

British information Service advises that eggs Housewives to store eggs in cartons at a constant temperature below 20 degrees Celsius, away from strong-smelling products. BEIS claims that eggs readily absorb odors. Storage of eggs at low temperature, among other things, eliminates the risk of reproduction of the pathogen of salmonellosis.

“Try to avoid too frequent transfer of eggs between cold and warm environments, such as between the passenger compartment and a refrigerator or fridge, and hot kitchen. It is best to store eggs in the refrigerator. The temperature will always be constant, and your eggs will stay fresh,” said the organization.

According to some chefs, the taste of the eggs will be better, if some time before cooking to hold them warm. And Financial Times food critic Tim Hayward is sure that the egg is kept for a minimum of weeks even at room temperature.

At the same time, the shelving in the refrigerator door, Hayward also believes the worst place for eggs, because “the constant shaking thins the whites and the flavours of other foods can penetrate the shell.”

Daily Mail recalls that in 2013, already versed in the egg, and a laboratory experiment showed that eggs remained for two weeks inside the refrigerator and outside it.