30-the summer inhabitant of Kherson house synthesized amphetamine (photo)

In the Kherson area the staff of management on counteraction of narcocrime has identified a clandestine drug lab for the production of psychotropic drugs. As militiamen established, 30-year-old man at his house synthesized amphetamine, according to the social network in the Department of counteraction of narcocrime.

The offender was seized about 120 grams of amphetamine. Photo: facebook.com/DPN.NP

In clandestine laboratories, the police found equipment for the manufacture of amphetamine with the layering of psychotropic enthusiastic individual and precursors substances frequently used in the production, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Men in the house, the police found equipment for the manufacture of amphetamine. Photo: facebook.com/DPN.NP

“Directly from the offender, police seized about 120 g of amphetamine. The value of the seized psychotropic enthusiastic individual on the illegal drug market is almost 30 thousand hryvnias”, – reported in Department.

At the moment, the fact of the offense is a pre-trial investigation.