How to quickly develop a useful habit: the TOP 5 simple steps

Monday. Begin to do sports, to eat healthy food, start to read more, enroll in English courses. To acquire useful habits, often have to overcome difficulties, and therefore are often put off by the great start for later.

To change our habits means to change your life, says a well-known blogger in productivity Leo Babauta. He announced the five simple steps how to quickly and painlessly change your habits, reports

Supersaliency start

Focus on only one habit and start with very small steps. Just meditate for 2 minutes. Just write for 5 minutes. Just do 5 pushups, etc.

If you start small, you will not so strongly resist the start. And this is the hardest part.

I used to tell myself: “Just put on your shoes and get out the door.” So I formed a habit to run. Later I was able to run several marathons and an ultramarathon. For meditation, I say to myself, “Just sit on the pad,” advises Babauta.

Eliminate choice

Don’t think about a new habit every day. Decide in advance to do it every day at the same time, at least within a month. Create a trigger from your daily life (e.g., awakening, shower, coffee, lunch, whatever).

Use this as a moment “when.” For example, “when I Wake up, I’m going to meditate for 2 minutes.” Place reminders near the place, where is your trigger, for example, the coffee machine or the bathroom door.

The main thing – to decide to do it every day, and then just to follow the action without thinking every minute.

Add responsibility to someone

Find at least one person you can tell about their success and will feel the responsibility in front of him. This can be a group of friends or partner on the run. No matter how you organize it, but it will help you stick to the plan.

Make a habit of fun

Do not treat the habit as a responsibility. Think of how you will be able to enjoy it. New occupation much more likely become a habit if you focus on the things you like, not just will quickly try to erase it from your to-do list.

Understand the causes

Understand why you want to start this habit? You want to help someone? You doing this for yourself to be more healthy or happy? If you are just doing it because you think it should or because it sounds cool, the habit can have a long hold out. Think about its underlying causes, says the blogger.