Nevzorov has debunked the myth of the Orthodox Russian people is still completely indifferent

The vast majority of Orthodox Russians do not understand the basic principles of Orthodoxy. This opinion was expressed by Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov in an interview to “Echo of Moscow”.

“What they are Christian is a matter altogether separate, special. Here, the Fund “Public opinion” conducted a survey and found that the vast majority of Orthodox Christians in Russia do not understand the basic principles of the Orthodox faith,” said a Russian journalist.

“That is such a thing as filioque. The filioque is an addition that the Western Latins, the Western Church has attached to the Nicene-Constantinople creed, which is professed by the Eastern Church. And here it is, say, 5 or 6 centuries has filled the world with blood. It is very difficult to imagine and count how many dead bodies, fires, riots piled these confessional differences, that’s the very thing that divided the Orthodox and Catholic Church. And today, as it turns out, no one even has no idea that such a dogmatic difference exists,” he explained.

According to Nevzorov, the majority of Russians in this question confidently answered purely Catholic views on the question of the procession of the Holy spirit. “This suggests that people are completely indifferent to it all,” said the journalist.

Earlier, Nevzorov said that the history of poisoning “Hawthorn” in Russia was a dress rehearsal of national mourning before the crash of Tu-154 in the Black sea.