What to do in the summer: seven business camps in Ukraine

The website “Today” has collected for parents information about business camps in Ukraine, where children can learn the basics of entrepreneurship and to relax

Business camp West Camp

In the camp children will learn to create business-projects

For whom: children aged 13-18.

Where: Sheshory, 80 km from Ivano-Frankivsk.

Two to three hours a day, the children will develop skills in marketing or project planning. Every day, business trainers will conduct workshops about startups, IT industry, social media marketing, design fundamentals and more. At the end of the shift Campari will present their project, dedicated to travel, healthy lifestyle, modern culture. In the camps, along with learning English and business also conduct group training sessions on teamwork, leadership and communication.

Photo: westcamp.in.ua

Part of the active holiday: rafting, paintball, festival of colors “Holly”, slip-n-slide, horse riding. The camp also promises live performances by contemporary artists.

Live in wooden houses of three to six people. In the complex there is a yard for play and relaxation. Hot water is available constantly. However, the facilities in the houses for the boys are very close. The girls in the rooms or on the floor.

Food four times a day. If desired, the children can ask for in the kitchen.

How much: up to may 1, 7990 UAH, after may 1 – 8500 UAH.

When: 18-28.06 (1 change), 01-11.07 (shift 2); 14-24.07 (3 shift); 27.07-06.08 (4 change), 09-19.08 (5 shift).

Day camp Teen Camp

Teenagers try yourself in the role of chief financial officer, banker, PR Manager and in six professions

For whom: children aged 11-16.

Where: Kiev, Victory square, 3. Entertainment center “Children’s planet”.

The urban camp Teen Camp offers two programs: vocational guidance and, as a complement, the rate of skills development. Skills day starts at 10:00 and lasts until 13:00. In the course of the coach in the form of games teach kids to create their own image, to correctly build communication, to learn the skills of oratory. Also at the master classes teenagers learn to think creatively, manage their time and resources to work in a team. In the second part of the day – from 13:15 to 18:00 – it starts with the orientation program. This time the children spend with filmmaker, lawyer, pr-Manager, coach, financial Director, HR Manager, TV presenter, a programmer, a banker and a tester. The guys try their hands in these professions. For the production of the psychologist determines the professional inclinations of children. The rest of the children in entertainment center.

Photo: vk.com/teen.camp

Organized power is. Near the center is the food court.

How much: program of career guidance and skills have to be paid separately. “Five days – nine professions” – UAH 2800, “Six days, six skills” – 2600 UAH.

When: 12-16.06 (career guidance); 12-17.06 (skills); 03-07.07 (vocational guidance); 03-08.07 (skills); 17-21.07 (vocational guidance); 17-22.07 (skills).

Business camp Miniboss Business School

Children will play games and teach English to the Black sea

For whom: children 7-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-17 years.

Where: Odessa, Koblevo.

Children will live in double and quadruple rooms with facilities for tourist recreation. At the base placed in the minipark entertainment, swimming pool, minigolf, shooting range, obstacle course and pavilions for outdoor activities, a dining room, a sauna and a restaurant. Eating five times a day.

Photo: www.bestcamps.com.ua

 The camp program workshops on business thinking, sports and business games, learning English.

The children will receive a set of custom MINIBOSS, photo archive, prizes and diplomas.

How much: 250-350 euros per shift.

When: 5-11.06 (first shift), 12-18.06 (second shift), 19-25.06 (third shift).

Summer business intensive MBA Kids

The children will create a business plan and show it to investors

For whom: children of 7-8 years old, 9-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-17 years.

Where: the first entrepreneurship school for children MBA Kids, Kiev, Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue 12E.

Children 7-8 years old coach will tell you how to earn money what is a business plan and what occupations exist. Each child will try yourself in the role of start-UPS. The participants of entrepreneurial intensity will come up with a business idea and implement it in the game. During the game, children would consistently lose the stages of realization of the idea – from getting Bank credit to recruiting.

Children 9-11 years will learn to present yourself and your offer. In the program of the intensive course included: business modeling, development of creative thinking, marketing and communication.

Photo: mbakids.ua

The older group of children 12-14 years old in three days will create a business idea, develop a business plan to obtain investment, will practice presentation skills by the whole team and present their project to the investor. During intense Teens learn about entrepreneurship, creative thinking in business, product, market and customer. Children will learn to plan finances.

Teenagers aged 15-17 years will develop and defend in front of a investor business plan. The children will discuss the most promising ideas for modern business, to compare the Ukrainian achievements with international experience. Find out the features of financing startups. In the programme start-up workshops, creative business thinking, business planning and marketing. All classes are held in the form of games and mater-classes.

Organized power no, but there is a pause on the juice.

How much: 3900 UAH.

When: 6-10.06.2017 from 10.00 to 13.30 (possibility to bring the child at 8.30 and leave after school until the end of the day).

Camp Kidbi

Teenagers create a startup for the week

For whom: children 9-15 years.

Where: recreation center near Kiev.

During the week your child will create your project, you will learn to earn money and take off. Going to swim in the sea and the pool

Accommodation in lodges up to four people in the room. The first shift, “Forbes CAMP. Business project for the week” children will create a business project from scratch. To learn how to distribute work in team, learn about the features of creation business in Ukraine and the stories of success of famous people. At the end of the week alone will hold the event with the opportunity to profit. During the second shift “Team Google” Teens learn teamwork, leadership, the proper distribution of roles. Learn how to implement goals in the group and characteristics of selection and organization of the team. At the end of the week, the group should create their own business idea – own game. On the third change of “Megabank: a plan for investors” the coaches will tell the kids about financial literacy, the functioning of the global financial system. Teens learn the basics of business planning to create their own financial development plan. At the end of the week the children will create a financial plan and professional development as well as in the team will realize a business project. Two hours a day children will play sports games: football, volleyball and others.

Photo: kidbi.com.ua

Three meals a day. The camp – Academy of equestrian sports, hotel, Golf club, pool, gym and WІ-FI. The territory is guarded, the child was escorted round the clock business coaches, psychologists, professional trainer.

How much: when purchasing spring – 8500 UAH, a week before the start of the first shift – 9500 UAH.

When: 10-16.06 (the First changeForbes CAMP. Business project for the week); 17-23.06 (second shift – Command-level Google). 24-30.06 (third shift – Megabank: a plan for the investor).

 Business Land: the Territory promotion of MBA Kids

The children will learn how to create a promotion strategy

For whom: children 8-17 years.

Where: the village, the hotel “Karpaty”.

10 days children will create a promotion strategy of the reserve. The coach will teach children to take pictures, shoot video, do self-productions. Children will learn how to write fascinating stories, draw art infographic. Learn what a target audience, marketing. Can create packing, landing, and to mark up the website. Children talk about the possibilities of social media and promotion tools. For a change you guys will run your project and evaluate its success.

Photo: kidbi.com.ua

Children will live in hotel “Karpaty”. With a guide they will see the tourist places of the mountains, visit the Museum of embroidery, will meet with local residents. Eating five times a day.

When: 19-28.06.2017

How much: 11500 UAH. included in the price of the transfer Kiev-Ivano-Frankivsk-Yaremche.

Financial camp “the ABCs of Money”

The camp operates its own currency. The children will learn how to manage money and learn about tax

For whom: children aged 10-16 years.

Where: Eco-resort Izky, Transcarpathian region.

Life in the camp is built on the principle of your financial game – Cash flow. During the shift, the children try various models for achieving financial well-being, and choose the right one for you. They will be accompanied by financial successes and failures, profitable financial investments and wasting. The camp will operate in-game currency.

Every day two or three hours children will learn financial literacy through workshops and games. During his stay in the camp they will learn to make a business plan, start your business, manage your family budget, invest money. Get acquainted with the methods of business promotion, goods and services functions of the tax system. Get the decision-making skills, learn about different financial instruments, see and be able to analyze their behavior in different situations, and will learn the skills of confident behaviour.

Photo: vk.com/business_school_azbuka_deneg

Also kids go camping in the mountains, see a waterfall Shipot.

In addition, children will have trainings on public speaking, negotiation and leadership.

To live in a hotel for three or four people in the room. Rooms come with a private bathroom. The rooms also have Hairdryer, television with satellite TV, table, chairs, wardrobe, bed linen and towels. Free Wi-Fi throughout and eco-resort. Food a four. Menu every day of meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

How much: 8500 UAH per shift.

When: 30.07.-09.08.2017 (first shift), 10-20.08.2017 (second shift).